Genesys Expands Partnership with AWS

Genesys has announced a new collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help organizations accelerate their digital transformation and upgrade their cloud customer experience strategies.

Building on their existing, longstanding partnership, Genesys and AWS will focus on helping joint customers meet the expectations of digital-first consumers.

The companies will be marketing and selling Genesys Cloud CX with AWS Contact Center Intelligence (CCI) solutions to offer streamlined access to customers. AWS CCI and Genesys Cloud CX customers can now easily use Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, Amazon Kendra and other AI-powered services in the AWS CCI portfolio to improve customer service and agent productivity.

"At Genesys, our aim is to enable organizations to orchestrate differentiated customer and employee experiences; today this is only made possible through seamless coordination of technologies, touchpoints and channels. As one of our foundational partners, our collaboration with AWS is central to our strategy for empowering customers with the capabilities and innovation they need to thrive," said Olivier Jouve, Chief Product Officer, Genesys.

The partnership between the two companies also includes the availability of Genesys Cloud CX in the AWS Marketplace, enabling customers across sectors like government and retail to improve operational efficiency and leverage an array of AI-powered tools.

"Genesys has been both a customer and AWS Partner for many years, leveraging AWS's digital transformation and implementing cloud customer experience strategies to develop innovative solutions for our customers. This Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) takes our relationship with Genesys to the next level with investment to help organizations migrate to the Genesys Cloud CX solution and promote AWS Marketplace as a strategic channel for joint customers. The SCA is a significant win for our customers as they continue on their cloud migration journey," said Ruba Borno, Vice President, Worldwide Channels and Alliances, AWS.

Genesys says more than 4,000 of its customers are already orchestrating personalized experiences by using the Genesys Cloud CX platform, a cloud-native solution built on AWS. The platform also serves over 800,000 users across 13 AWS regions.