LivePerson Launches a Program to Help Businesses Leverage Large Language Models

LivePerson has partnered with Cohere, the natural language processing platform, to launch a pilot program that will enable enterprise brands to easily create and deploy custom Large Language Models (LLMs), ultimately boosting customer engagement.

The partnership will combine LivePerson's industry-leading conversational AI platform with Cohere's state-of-the-art language models. Both will deliver numerous features, including:

  • Custom LLMs for customer engagement. Enterprises will be able to tailor LLMs to their specific needs, policies, and data.
  • Limiting LLMs from providing inaccurate or unfounded answers or participating in inappropriate discussions.
  • The option to turn LLMs into direct action, such as taking payments or solving fraud.
  • Saving time and money. LLMs will be built and optimized directly in partnership with AI experts rather than requiring expensive in-house resources.

LivePerson has been investing in LLMs ever since 2019, aiming to drive dialog, understand user intent and sentiment, and recognize conversation success and resolution.

“With Generative AI and LLMs, the best outcomes are driven by expansive data models and precision data sets. Combining Cohere’s cutting-edge language models with our unparalleled expertise and data for customer engagement will set the new standard for using AI to communicate at the enterprise level,” said LivePerson Founder and CEO Rob LoCascio.

To keep its AI well-trained, LivePerson uses a vast and rich data set derived from a billion real conversational interactions every month. This way, the AI continuously learns how to provide grounded and factual responses and prevent bias.

This move aligns with Cohere’s vision to help developers and businesses tap into the massive opportunity that NLP brings. Backed by Salesforce, among other investors, the company helps businesses build their own products with language AI to generate, summarize or classify text. Cohere's large language models are built on "transformer architecture" and trained on supercomputers, providing NLP solutions that don’t need extensive machine learning development.

“Our mission is to make it simple for any developer and business to build powerful language AI into their products. LivePerson’s leadership in conversational AI helps to further that mission, and we can help them increase access to this transformational technology, even to enterprises without extensive compute resources or machine learning expertise,” said Aidan Gomez, Co-Founder, and CEO at Cohere.