UserTesting Joins the Zoom ISV Partner Program

Video-based user insights platform UserTesting has partnered with Zoom Video Communications to join its ISV Partner Program. UserTesting's Live Conversation feature, has been added to Zoom to offer companies the opportunity to draw customer insights in real-time. By doing so, companies can see firsthand how customers react and feel about products, apps, and brands, all during conversations.

“Clear, concise, and accurate communications are critical for all businesses. Zoom helps companies achieve unparalleled communications when needed the most”. Having Zoom integrated into the UserTesting platform illustrates the value of using Zoom and UserTesting together to provide unparalleled communications with customers,” said Steven Li, Head of ISV at Zoom.

US Customer Experience Awards 2023

The UserTesting platform collects relevant customer insights from Zoom audio transcripts by utilizing advanced machine learning capabilities. Being so closely aware of customers' perspectives helps companies understand and focus on their target audience.

In September 2022 alone, UserTesting held around 10,000 customer interviews that leveraged the Live Conversation feature which helped organizations collect customers' opinions and feedback.

“Live Conversation is a strong aspect of the UserTesting platform, it expands the ways in which companies can hear how their customers feel, and why. Integrating Zoom’s robust video functionality into Live Conversation helps us meet the growing demands of our customers to ensure they can easily and reliably connect with the right audiences to gain insights that help businesses grow.” This partnership with Zoom expands features and functionalities for customers to ensure they can deliver the best possible experiences to their customers,” said Mona Sabet, Chief Corporate Strategy Officer at UserTesting.

Being a video-first experience testing platform, UserTesting allows organizations to learn about the experiences of real people and their first encounters with apps, products, and designs. UserTesting offers video-based Customer Experience Narratives, which give companies the opportunity to understand human perspectives, both physical and digital, and improve their experience for the present and the future.

Meanwhile, a large software investment firm has recently acquired UserTesting for $1.3 billion.