PartnerHero Acquires Community and Event CX Platform  ElevateCX

PartnerHero has completed the acquisition of ElevateCX, a community and event platform for customer experience leaders. In connection with this acquisition, Sarah Hatter, the founder of ElevateCX, has taken on the role of Senior Director of Community and Events at PartnerHero.

Established in 2012, ElevateCX has organized 40 worldwide events, including annual flagship multi-day conferences. In addition to these events, they maintain an active Slack community, run a podcast, and produce a video series.

"ElevateCX isn't like every other business event. We work hard to create an inviting, authentic atmosphere built around nurturing community relationships. We see a lot of repeat attendance, because we haven't just built yet another typical, transactional business conference. ElevateCX is a place where people form lasting connections with one another," said Sarah Hatter, ElevateCX.

PartnerHero will continue to host ElevateCX events, starting with the first one this month in Atlanta.

"I'm so excited to welcome Sarah and ElevateCX into PartnerHero. Sarah's built an incredible community and one of the most memorable and enjoyable event experiences in the CX space. We're not planning to mess with it and I'm excited that Sarah is joining us to continue to grow and build ElevateCX with additional resources at her disposal," said Mercer Smith, VP of CX Insights and Community, PartnerHero.

Apart from her ongoing involvement in managing the ElevateCX event series, Hatter will also play a significant role in overseeing the CX Heroes community.

At the beginning of the year, PartnerHero also acquired a CRM implementation and customer support provider SupportOps, offering Zendesk-related services through the SupportOps brand.