CallMiner Leads the Conversation Intelligence Game with Enhanced Generative AI Features

CallMiner has introduced new generative AI features to its platform, improving user-friendliness and time-to-value.

One notable aspect of these enhancements is CallMiner's flexible and scalable approach, establishing a framework to monitor and regulate large language models (LLMs). This framework serves as the foundation for the development and deployment of future generative AI capabilities, ensuring CallMiner remains adaptable in an ever-evolving AI landscape. In addition, this innovative framework grants organizations greater control over their generative AI outputs.

“Many companies are fearful of not jumping on the generative AI bullet train to get the most out of this technology as quickly as possible. At the same time, organizations have very real concerns about how to adopt this technology in a responsible manner. CallMiner has established itself as an AI leader – both with the continued delivery of AI capabilities, like AI classifiers and semantic search, and with our focus on agility and responsibility that ensures our customers can take an ROI-first approach to AI. With CallMiner’s AI-powered platform, organizations are able to advance their contact centers and CX initiatives with speed and confidence,” said Bruce McMahon, Chief Product Officer, CallMiner.

 Prior to these updates, CallMiner has unveiled other updates and features, including an in-platform conversational assistance help bot and omnichannel AI-based contact summarization.

Accelerating time-to-value  

Among the new features introduced are AI Classifiers, which leverage LLMs to label context within customer interactions automatically. This enables organizations to swiftly evaluate conversations based on similarities, expediting the process of extracting crucial insights for strategic decision-making.

Additionally, the platform now offers Semantic Search functionality, allowing users to discover insights within customer interactions through natural language queries, rather than relying solely on keywords. This feature enhances ease of use and facilitates the uncovering of business insights related to various initiatives such as contact center efficiency and CX improvement.

Furthermore, CallMiner continues to enhance its conversational assistance help bot, CallMiner GPT, by expanding its knowledge base. This ensures users can efficiently receive answers to queries related to platform usage and functions, thereby maximizing the value derived from the platform within their daily workflows.

Elsewhere, CallMiner has announced a functionality in its real-time agent guidance product, RealTime, that supports agent onboarding, drives faster time to resolution, and provides advanced machine learning and generative AI.