Zendesk Acquires Tymeshift

Zendesk has completed the acquisition of Tymeshift, an AI-powered modern workforce management (WFM) solution built exclusively for Zendesk customers.

The WFM solution helps organizations track agent activity, productivity and efficiency in real-time which allows support teams to save time previously spent on manual WFM tasks. Based on users' activity, the solution can automatically create schedules, forecasts and real-time reports.

“Companies of all sizes benefit from WFM tooling, so Tymeshift was a natural choice when looking to expand our product portfolio. With this acquisition we made adoption seamless and ensured immediate value to Zendesk customers. Tymeshift has proven to be a comprehensive and intuitive WFM solution, enabling companies to streamline their scheduling, forecasting, and reporting, ultimately leading to better customer service,” said Matt Price, Senior Vice President, Zendesk.

Among the benefits that Tymeshift brings to Zendesk users are future staffing needs forecast with real-time insights, historical and real-time data visualizations, and visibility into team productivity and performance. Having insight into the state of things in the company, executives can immediately identify areas of improvement and coaching opportunities.

“Tymeshift allows customers to optimize staffing based on accurate forecasts and data, automate time-consuming chores, collect better insights and make great reports. Having the right people on the right channels, at the right time, all based on real-time data allowed us to provide immediate value to Tymeshift customers, and I’m looking forward to expanding our impact by officially joining Zendesk,”said David Birchmier, Director, WFM Strategy and GTM, Zendesk.

Describing the move as a step in the company's journey to "a new era of Intelligent CX", Zendesk plans to merge the predictive capabilities of Tymeshift with its AI capabilities to power the next generation of AI-assisted CX productivity. At its Relate conference, Zendesk announced a host of new features that leverage AI and machine learning to boost customer engagement.