Pipedrive Optimizes Business Calls with Call Center Integrations

Pipedrive has introduced two new integrations with CloudTalk and JustCall, to enhance sales communication processes and optimize business calls, resulting in improved efficiency and streamlined operations.

“Feedback from our customers indicates that a phone call is still a powerful tool for closing sales. Keeping the momentum and following up with the right activity at the right time plays a crucial role in the success of the sales strategy. Knowing exactly when it’s the best time to make a call or send a message allows sales representatives to create a human connection with clients, make people feel valued and supported, and sustain a great buying experience. Managing all sales communications within one platform can prove integral to data-driven business success,” said Shaun Shirazian, CPO, Pipedrive.

The newly introduced integrations with calling and texting solutions provide Pipedrive users with a seamless experience for making and receiving calls. In addition, this merge facilitates automated dialing campaigns and ensures that all call-related data, including activities, texts, call recordings, and voicemails, are automatically logged within the Pipedrive platform. By consolidating these functionalities into one system, the integrated calling and texting apps boost the efficiency of sales teams, eliminate manual dialing, collect and store all data in a centralized location, and streamline sales communications.

According to Deloitte Digital's 2023 Global Contact Center Survey, voice and text analytics adoption has surged from 62% in 2020 to 81%. McKinsey and Company's research further reveals that telephone calls continue to be highly effective in capturing people's initial attention, as seen by their analysis showing the superiority of old-fashioned phone calls in sales performance compared to other methods.

Directly initiating calls regardless of the location  

Setting up the integrations with CloudTalk and JustCall is a simple process that can be completed with just a few clicks. These advanced integrations offer several key functionalities, including the ability to initiate calls from anywhere, all within the Pipedrive platform and by using the click-to-call feature. Additionally, instant caller details are displayed when receiving an inbound call, providing relevant contact information from Pipedrive. The integrated apps can be accessed seamlessly on both desktop and mobile devices.

Furthermore, the integrations allow users to enhance their contacts by adding comments and recordings and sending and receiving SMS messages directly from within Pipedrive.


CloudTalk is a business-calling software designed for teams that prioritize data-driven approaches. It operates in the cloud and acts as a connector between businesses, teams, and customers. The integration with CloudTalk helps customer support and sales teams automate their workflows without the need for coding knowledge. Additionally, managers gain access to built-in analytics that provide real-time tracking of performance indicators and enable the identification of new growth opportunities.


JustCall is a software tool designed to boost sales representatives' productivity and efficiency. Its native dialer feature eliminates the need for manual dialing, saving teams time that would otherwise be spent on repetitive tasks. By automatically directing calls from Pipedrive contacts to the designated contact owner, JustCall ensures that customers are connected with the appropriate team member, improving lead response time.

At the beginning of the year, Pipedrive announced an updated product plan for 2023, largely based on customer feedback received through its "Voice of Customer" program.