Pipedrive Unveils 2023 Product Plan to Help Small Businesses Grow

CRM and revenue management platform Pipedrive has announced an updated product plan for 2023, largely based on customer feedback received through their "Voice of Customer" program. The updates aim to help sales professionals increase revenue growth for small businesses, especially in times of economic uncertainty.

“We know the pains of sales professionals and their processes, and want to turn them into gains. With the changing economy, our customers are pushed to move further, and we want to ensure that our easy-to-use, smart and effective tools help them convert challenges into business opportunities. Pipedrive’s customer-driven approach for 2023 is all about echoing the voice of our customers and helping them remain agile and thrive in this competitive environment,” said Shaun Shirazian, CPO, Pipedrive.

The company has spent the past year gathering feedback from its customers and using that information in its product development plan. In 2023, small businesses seek CRM software with automated and customizable features to help them grow, as well as advanced reporting tools, and Pipedrive aims to provide it.

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Pipedrive product updates to expect in 2023:

  • Providing sales teams with possibilities to close more deals by scaling and automating lead engagement.

Pipedrive's new email and omnichannel inbox feature will allow users to synchronize multiple email accounts, share inboxes and collaborate more efficiently with other sales representatives and teams. This feature will also allow users to view and manage chats from various platforms such as emails, WhatsApp, and Facebook all in one place and improve the reliability and delivery of synced emails.

In addition, Pipedrive will introduce automated email sequences that will provide sales reps more time for leads, minimize human error and increase the chances of closing deals through timely and accurate follow-ups.

Finally, there will be an automated assignment (now in Beta) that automates the distribution of large numbers of leads to the appropriate team members, which will save time and improve the chances of closing a deal.

  • Enabling an instant deep-dive reporting feature that gives an in-depth view of the entire sales funnel, allowing users to make data-driven decisions.

Richer email reporting will enable a better overview of engaged clients, and new types of reporting (custom fields) will provide sales reps with a better understanding of their clients.

In addition, readability will be improved with added visual cues, and manual work will be minimized with the option of creating quick copies of dashboards and reports.

  • Adapting the CRM to a specific business and the buyers’ journey.

The updates offer efficient handling of overload pipelines with personalized adjustments, organization, and deal categorization.

In addition, navigation will be streamlined to enhance team productivity with customizable fields and restricted field access.

Finally, there will be automated calculations and data verification to save time, as well as improved control over the inventory of goods and services.

Meanwhile, in October last year, Pipedrive announced the addition of a new beta workflow automation feature to Campaigns, Pipedrive’s campaign management suite.