Plug and Play LA Partners with Meta to Build a Business Messaging Innovation Hub

Global innovation platform Plug and Play has revealed that it is working with Meta on the launch of its inaugural global accelerator program located in Los Angeles. Plug and Play and Meta plan to create an innovation hub to help businesses and their customers connect and transact through messaging.

“Every week, Meta estimates that it connects over 1 billion users around the world to businesses through the power of messaging. This creates a tremendous opportunity for startups to innovate and create value by transforming how people and businesses interact online,” said Ankur Prasad, Director of Product Marketing for Meta Business Messaging.

Plug and Play's innovation platform will become a space for startups to showcase and implement their solutions into meaningful business practices. Meta will leverage Plug and Play's network of 50,000 startups, 500+ world-leading corporations, and hundreds of venture capital firms, universities, and government agencies across multiple industries.

"Messaging and communication will continue to impact our businesses everyday and our partnership with Meta will help us impact the future of this industry as we work closely with the next generation of entrepreneurs and startups," said Mehrad Moeini, Head of Plug and Play Los Angeles.

The first three-month accelerator program will run through the end of 2022 and the chosen startups will meet one-on-one with the corporate partners to analyze future opportunities for new customers and investments.

Some of the startups selected for ‘The Future of Messaging’ Program are the following:

  • Avify: The centralized back office for e-commerce automation in Latin America

  • Hilos: Allows customers to run self-serve processes like tracking the status of a package, generating payment links, creating an invoice on demand, etc.

  • Krinu: Krinu turns B2B sales reps’ Messaging chats into their strongest sales weapon by using advanced NLP to provide conversation intelligence, analytics, and insights.

  • Mercately: E-commerce management center which improves the online store and customer service and helps businesses centralize all their communication channels in one place.

  • OlaClick: Web-based digital menu solution that streamlines orders for local restaurants to run their business through messaging applications

Startups interested in this program can apply through the Plug and Play website.