Posh Reveals AI Knowledge Assistant for Financial Industry

AI solutions provider Posh has launched a new AI-powered Knowledge Assistant to meet the needs of financial services and banking partners.

Knowledge Assistant integrates with internal knowledge sources and enables staff to access knowledge quickly through advanced search technology powered by the latest generative AI techniques. Then, the solution provides precise, consistent answers in seconds, significantly reducing the time spent on searching for results. Consequently, organizations may reduce average handle time, achieve higher rates of first-call resolution and build more meaningful relationships with their customers.

The product is part of the suite of external-facing AI services, which include Voice 360 & Banking Teller, Voice Concierge, and Website and Online Banking Concierge.

“We’re excited to introduce Knowledge Assistant – an AI-powered search tool tailored for financial institutions. Boost productivity, empower your staff, and enhance your customer experience. Our product stems from the needs of financial institutions themselves, ensuring it fosters independence, confidence, and easy access to knowledge. While powered by state-of-the-art technology, our main focus is delivering a solution that truly solves our clients’ challenges,” said Matt McEachern, Co-founder and CTO, Posh.

Knowledge Assistant does not require any custom training or content modifications, and it readily accommodates various document formats such as PDF, DOCX, XLSX, and others. Additionally, the assistant seamlessly integrates with the client's existing knowledge management systems, ensuring a smooth transition and operation.

Through Advanced Analytics, organizations can fill in knowledge gaps and keep track of trending searches, and helpful and unhelpful queries, while also pinpointing areas where the bot was unable to find answers.

Knowledge Assistant has currently been deployed with a select few clients with plans to expand into the fourth quarter.