Google Cloud and Palo Alto Networks Join Forces to Strengthen Workforce Security

Cybersecurity company Palo Alto Networks has expanded its partnership with Google Cloud to combine Google Cloud's BeyondCorp Enterprise and Palo Alto's Access to give hybrid users protected and seamless access to SaaS, cloud, or on-premises applications, from all devices.

Built on Google Cloud's network, the cloud-delivered Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) 2.0 solution provides users with secure access from any device and from any place. Prima Access enables security for all devices, while BeyondCorp Enterprise gives access to all applications for unmanaged devices.

"Legacy VPN and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) 1.0 solutions provide access to users that is too broad and lacks continuous security inspection, putting cloud-first and hybrid organizations at risk. ZTNA 2.0 by Palo Alto Networks secures the modern hybrid enterprise. This partnership will allow organizations to benefit from the performance, scale, and reliability offered by Google Cloud's global network, coupled with the security expertise of Palo Alto Networks," said Kumar Ramchandran, SVP, Products for Palo Alto Networks.

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Combining threat intelligence and machine learning allows the solution to identify and deal with threats to all users, applications, or enterprise data, all powered by Google Cloud.

"Together with Prisma Access and BeyondCorp, customers will now have seamless access to a Zero Trust security solution built for today's workforce, powered by Google Cloud's innovation, scale, and trusted cloud infrastructure. At Google Cloud, we continue to deliver opinionated solutions with our customers' needs in mind, bringing together innovations from across Google and its ecosystem of partners in easy-to-consume offerings that are backed by Google's unique scale and deep experience," said Sunil Potti, VP/GM, Cloud Security at Google Cloud.

On the one hand, the Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access platform provides security for managed and unmanaged devices and consistent protection across the entire enterprise. The ZTNA 2.0 solution delves deep and inspects all application traffic, including allowed connections. The solution aims to prevent all types of threats, including zero-day threats, enabling safe access to data centers, branch offices, and mobile users.

On the other hand, BeyondCorp Enterprise allows organizations to have a seamless and secure experience for all who need to access applications, cloud resources, and private data hosted on Google Cloud, in third-party clouds, or on-premises. BeyondCorp Enterprise offers a secure enterprise browsing solution with Chrome, as agents cannot be installed on devices, thus providing a secure, zero-trust approach for unmanaged devices.