Press Ganey Unveils New Solutions as Part of its $500M Investment in AI-Powered Patient Experience

Press Ganey has unveiled an array of AI-driven products and features as part of the company's substantial $500 million, five-year investment aimed at integrating generative AI into its HX Platform.

“With the right expertise and care, technology like generative AI can greatly improve the human experience of healthcare. Our focus is ensuring the right information is available at the right time, in the right place, for the right people so that care teams and leaders can work towards their goal of ensuring safe, accessible, high-quality care,” said Darren Dworkin, President and Chief Operating Officer of Press Ganey.

A few months ago, Press Ganey partnered with Northwell Health, an integrated healthcare network and New York State's largest healthcare provider, to validate Press Ganey’s novel Patient Experience in Clinical Trials measures.

Latest offerings 

Among the noteworthy releases is Predictive Rounding, an augmentation of digital rounding strategies. This feature leverages an advanced machine learning algorithm to generate personalized priority scores based on patient demographics and previous discharge survey results. It enables care teams to proactively address patient needs and prioritize care, ultimately enhancing outcomes.

Answer Assist introduces a Generative-AI-powered tool that aids organizations in crafting compassionate, personalized responses to online reviews, streamlining reputation management. Currently, more than 20 clients are leveraging Answer Assist to engage with patients more efficiently.

Additionally, Community Advisory is another innovative offering seamlessly integrated into Press Ganey’s patient experience solutions. This enables healthcare organizations to tap into the perspectives of patients, families, and community members. With advanced segmentation, it facilitates engagement on specific topics through digital focus groups and crowdsourcing initiatives, covering areas from care experience to safety and population health.

Also, Market Navigator emerges as a valuable tool, providing organizations with a comprehensive view of brand awareness. Equipping them with key brand tracking metrics, this feature allows benchmarking against competitors in key markets. By combining market research data with reputation insights from online ratings and reviews, organizations gain a holistic understanding of patient experiences.