Reliability at Its Finest: RingCentral for Teams 2.0, the Next-Gen Calling Experience

RingCentral has launched the latest version of its RingCentral for Microsoft Teams - RingCentral for Microsoft Teams 2.0 - which provides an enhanced user experience and flexibility with features such as direct routing and a next-gen embedded app for calling, SMS, and fax.

Innovative features from the latest release include voicemail transcription, call recording, bi-directional presence sync, and unified contact search. Additionally, RingCentral Contact Center can be integrated with RingCentral for Microsoft Teams 2.0, further enhancing the capabilities of the platform.

"Many businesses have standardized on Teams for internal collaboration, but when it comes to advanced communications, customers often seek out third-party solutions. When customer communications are critical, businesses look to RingCentral, given our reputation for 99.999% reliability and our robust and advanced telephony capabilities. We’re excited to deliver this next generation of RingCentral for Microsoft Teams, and empower customers with faster performance, deeper integration, a new mobile experience, and simpler admin tools,” said Mo Katibeh, President and COO of RingCentral.

The solution allows users to access RingCentral's cloud PBX capabilities directly within Microsoft Teams without the need for a separate application. This native integration ensures a seamless user experience and offers end-users RingCentral's reliability, global accessibility, and advanced features, all within the Teams platform.

The need for a telephony plan  

Microsoft Teams customers with Microsoft 365 E1 or E3 licenses do not have telephony included in their licenses and need to purchase additional calling plans or Teams Phone licenses. RingCentral offers a comprehensive solution that includes telephony with all licenses, providing a cost-effective and cloud-based phone service integrated with Microsoft Teams. This integration offers advanced telephony features, including call routing, custom call queues, automatic call recording, and over 330 pre-built integrations with industry-leading analytics. Furthermore, RingCentral offers a smart sidecar panel that provides quick access to essential contacts and advanced call features, such as monitor, whisper, barge-in, and queue management, accessible on desktop and mobile devices.

Set of solutions of RingCentral for Microsoft Teams 2.0  

The bi-directional presence sync feature ensures that user availability is always up-to-date, no matter where communication takes place. This feature automatically detects and syncs the user's presence status between Microsoft Teams and RingCentral, including headphones, helping users to avoid unnecessary interruptions.

RingCentral for Microsoft Teams 2.0 now features unified contact searching, which allows users to search for contacts in both Microsoft and RingCentral directories without having to switch between apps.

Additionally, RingCentral provides comprehensive and easy-to-use analytics capabilities without requiring specialized services or Power BI licenses. The platform offers calling analytics for IT departments, providing real-time quality-of-service reporting. Also, RingCentral's customizable business analytics provide sales, marketing, finance, and all other departments with the ability to gain actionable insights to help drive business success.

An extensive range of telephony app integrations allows businesses to connect their CRMs and other business applications easily. With these powerful integrations, sales reps, customer success teams, IT support, and other telephony users can streamline workflows and automate mundane tasks.

The company's integration with Microsoft Teams mobile app provides users with the ability to make and receive calls seamlessly, extending the integration's benefits beyond just the desktop.

RingCentral's certified contact center solution for Microsoft Teams allows customers to enhance their integrated business telephony by adding an AI-powered contact center to their Teams environment, all from a single, easy-to-use interface within Teams.

For professionals such as receptionists, executive assistants, salespeople, and inbound call agents who require advanced phone features, RingCentral for Microsoft Teams provides a fully-integrated and advanced telephony experience with features such as a smart sidecar panel that offers quick access to important contacts, along with capabilities like monitor, whisper, barge-in, and queue management.


The new RingCentral for Microsoft Teams 2.0 solution will be available in open beta at the end of May and generally available this summer.

RingCentral boasts over 19 consecutive quarters of secure, compliant uptime with a reliability of 99.999%, meaning that users can rely on the service to be accessible through mobile and desktop apps and web browsers, even when other services experience outages. With less than 6 minutes of downtime annually, businesses can ensure uninterrupted communication, avoid lost revenue, and keep operations running smoothly.

At the end of last year, RingCentral revealed a new End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) solution expanding to phone and messaging within its MVP platform.