Qualtrics Unveils Retail Banking Accelerator to Assist Banks with Customer Insights

Qualtrics has released the Retail Banking Accelerator to assist financial service organizations in adopting the Qualtrics Foundational Customer Experience (CX) solution.

The Retail Banking Accelerator is an XM solution-guided program that offers a fast and predictable implementation process at a fixed cost, allowing retail banks and credit unions to establish CX improvement projects efficiently. The solution also includes benchmarks that enable financial institutions to compare their performance with industry peers, providing insights that can help create strategies and actions to enhance the overall customer experience.

“We often hear from our banking customers that not only does implementation cost more and take longer than expected, but it requires internal resources and competencies that they often don’t have. We listened and we’ve launched the Retail Banking Accelerator to enable a smooth implementation, easy rollout and shorter time to value. All of this ultimately means higher, faster return on the CX investment for our banking and credit union clients,” said Dmitry Binkevich, global head of Financial Services at Qualtrics.

More than 1,400 financial services organizations use Qualtrics to improve customer experiences and generate business benefits. The Retail Banking Accelerator solution offers banking leaders ways to understand their customers. This solution includes pre-designed survey templates, analytics, dashboards, and customized workflows for retail banks and credit unions. With the accelerator, financial institutions can save time and resources setting up CX initiatives, allowing them to focus more on identifying areas for improvement that will make a meaningful impact on customers.

The Accelerator is now available in the United States and Canada and will soon be offered in the United Kingdom and other markets. Besides cost savings and improved customer experience, the solution provides valuable insights and automated workflows that enable retail banks and credit unions to address customer feedback on a large scale. Additionally, updated benchmarks enable financial institutions to measure their performance against industry peers in areas such as customer satisfaction and trust.

In addition to banking services, Qualtrics has recently been chosen by Intermountain Health to assist healthcare centers in enhancing the experiences of its patients, caregivers, and other groups using its services by gathering feedback and insights to drive action. (link)