TELUS International Launches a Virtual Recruitment Platform

TELUS International has announced the launch of SPACE, a new virtual recruitment platform that provides job seekers with a fully immersive experience in an interactive digital environment, accelerating the recruitment and hiring process and maximising candidate engagement.

The company’s entire hiring process can be completed in SPACE, starting from the virtual recruitment interviews to the e-signing of the employment contract.

Candidates can enter the platform as customizable avatars that reflect their personalities and preferences. In the SPACE lobby, they can explore themed spaces and watch videos to learn about the TELUS International culture and team member experience.

To conduct interviews or complete role-specific training assessments, candidates enter designated private rooms.

“The COVID-19 pandemic had a tremendous impact on all aspects of our lives, including how employees want to work, that continues to drive the evolution of corporate recruitment strategies and tactics,. Not only have businesses had to change the way they recruit and hire talent in a post-pandemic world, they have also realized the critical importance of making these processes resilient and agile by leveraging next-gen technologies, digital platforms and cloud architectures to maintain business continuity. While traditional recruitment processes are often limited and tied to a geographical location, our new virtual platform SPACE removes that barrier while also providing candidates with an immersive view of TELUS International’s culture to ensure they’re the right fit from the start,” said Albert Galarza, Global Vice President, Human Resources, TELUS International.

Virtual recruitment takes shape

The name of the platform - SPACE - is an acronym for Speed, Personalized and inclusive, Accessible, Culture and Events. Each of these words describes the qualities of the platform which enhance the candidate experience.

  • Speed: the entire application process is accelerated. To cut down on the time it takes the candidate to go through hiring stages, candidates can meet with multiple teams the same day, including the recruiter and hiring manager. The entire process may finish in a few hours with the recruit receiving the offer the same day.
  • Personalized and inclusive: By using customized avatars, candidates can create a virtual representation of their identity and present themselves in the way they prefer.
  • Accessible: The platform is both mobile and desktop friendly and is accessible to anyone at any time, anywhere.
  • Culture: While on the platform, candidates can engage with other departments, such as the benefits or talent acquisition teams, to get a better understanding of TELUS International and its culture.
  • Events: Apart from recruitment purposes, the platform can host groups of up to 500 people for job fairs and features open spaces for training and onboarding sessions.

“At TELUS International, our unique caring culture is at the core of what we do. It’s reflected in how we prioritize all our team members’ experiences, from career development to health and wellness benefits, in order to meet the needs of our diverse global workforce,” said Galarza.

In a short video, the company shows what the hiring process looks like in SPACE from start to finish: