TTEC Unveils Digital Contact Center Intelligence Solution with AWS 

TTEC Digital has introduced a new solution - TTEC Digital Contact Center Intelligence powered by AWS - that allows organizations to seamlessly integrate AI and machine learning capabilities from Amazon Web Services (AWS) into their current contact center systems without the need for significant technology changes or infrastructure overhauls.

"TTEC Digital has a long, successful history of investing and integrating AI technology from AWS into our customer solutions. Contact Center Intelligence help brings world-class technology from Amazon and makes it available to all organizations, regardless of where they are at in their contact center journey," said Christian Wagner, global AWS vice president at TTEC Digital.

TTEC Digital's Contact Center Intelligence seamlessly incorporates AWS AI and ML capabilities, including natural language understanding (NLU), transcription, and sentiment analysis, into an organization's existing contact center without necessitating a complete overhaul. This integration provides advantages across all facets of the contact center. For example, customers can independently resolve issues through voice-based intelligent Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, boosting self-service options.

In addition, agents experience increased efficiency by automating tasks like note-taking. Supervisors gain access to real-time insights from customer interactions, including sentiment analysis. Moreover, contact center managers can investigate comprehensive post-call analytics to identify key trends and patterns.

TTEC Digital's Contact Center Intelligence leverages AWS AI/ML services such as Amazon Chime SDK, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Sagemaker, Amazon Lex, and more. TTEC Digital boasts a track record of over 500 AWS customer experience (CX) projects, driven by a team of over 150 dedicated professionals.

In other news, TTEC has announced an updated suite of AI solutions leveraging the latest generative AI technology to provide clients with immediate solutions and an AI-enabled CX roadmap for future strategies.