Conversica Aims to ’’Make Bots Obsolete’’ with New AI Capabilities

Conversation automation solutions provider Conversica has added new AI-powered capabilities to its Conversational AI platform.

The company says the new enhancements enable "the most humanlike" interactions with its Revenue Digital Assistants (RDAs), making bots "obsolete".

The new Conversica Chat and Conversica Answers help RDAs engage in unscripted conversations with customers through authentic, AI-generated web chat, SMS, and email. In addition, Conversica Premium Skills let RDAs leverage sophisticated segmentation and insights from CRM and customer data platforms to deliver more personalized customer experiences.

The competitive edge of Conversica's RDAs lies in its ability to interpret open-ended questions and generate natural, human-like responses, rather than forcing customers down a predefined path.

"As the economy continues to change, the old growth model—working one customer at a time—no longer works. Businesses simply can't staff to the level needed for one-to-one conversations with every prospect, lead, and existing customer. And today's buyers are too savvy to be moved by the many one-way message blasts or, worse, scripted bots that are painfully programmed to route frustrated customers to an already overwhelmed human,” said Jim Kaskade, CEO of Conversica.

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The New Advancements

Powered by an advanced natural language processing (NLP) solution, Conversica Chat is able to generate a dynamic dialog with customers.

Aside from autonomously answering open-ended questions, RDAs can also connect visitors with the right resources, and set up demos or follow-up meetings. Conversica also plans to employ the same NLP technology across other channels, including voice.

To handle common customer queries, Conversica Answers lets RDAs authentically answer questions across any channel, in any language, at any point in the customer journey.

Kaskade added: “Companies must deliver personalized, back-and-forth, human-like conversations to their contacts at every point in the customer journey. Otherwise, they’re leaving revenue on the table.”

“Conversica's RDAs feature a new level of Powerfully Human exchanges powered by the most advanced conversational AI technology on the market today. One can no longer tell the difference between a human and a Conversica RDA. Welcome to the new era of business where no revenue opportunity is missed!"