Qualtrics Launches Two New Capabilities to Drive Agent Productivity

Experience management company Qualtrics has launched two new capabilities – Automated Call Summaries and Real-Time Agent Assist – to enable contact center agents to increase productivity while providing empathy.

The release aims to improve agent efficiency and engagement through natural language understanding (NLU) and machine learning. Real-Time Agent-Assist, as the name suggests, coaches agents in real-time during customer calls.

Unlike “traditional” agent-assist solutions that analyze call metadata and keywords and phrases, Qualtrics’ Agent Assist provides AI-informed recommendations, powered by XM Discover – Qualtrics’ conversation analytics platform.

Based on interaction history, agents can identify customers’ sentiments and reasons for the call during the first few seconds of the interaction. Real-Time Agent Assist prompts the agent with brand-specific suggestions, including personalized offers, relevant knowledge base articles, and related answers, reducing average resolution time (ART).

Additionally, Real-Time Agent Assist can also recognize when it’s appropriate to deliver in-call reminders to the agent, for example, when they may be going off-script or out of compliance.

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Brad Anderson, President of Products and Engineering, Qualtrics, said: “For many companies, addressing feedback after a customer has had a poor experience is not enough to salvage the relationship. Organizations need to guide and orchestrate experiences in real-time and that starts on the front line.

“These new contact center solutions save agents time and arm them with the information and coaching they need to deliver more efficient and empathetic customer service.”

To reduce time spent on post-call work, Automated Call Summaries provide accurate call recaps that consist of relevant details discussed during the call, alongside the reason for calling, the outcome of the call and additional future steps.

Qualtrics claims that the early adopters of the capability have noticed increased accuracy, compared to that of manual entries. After they are finished with a call, agents can just review the automated summaries and add any additional info if needed.

Automated Call Summaries easily integrate with an organization's CRM system to update customer records with the latest call logs.

Both capabilities are available in private beta today.