RingCentral Opens its First Office in India

RingCentral is opening its inaugural office in Bengaluru, India, after it obtained all the necessary regulatory verifications to operate in that country.

The verifications enable RingCentral to be the first global cloud provider to offer fully compliant cloud phone services in India. While RingCentral already has over 200 remote employees in India, the country's fast-growing economy gave way to more expansion in the technology sector. With plans to double its workforce in the next 12 months, RingCentral wants to target different markets across the country and deliver top-notch enterprise cloud communications services.

"Opening our first office in India's silicon hub is a significant milestone as we look to establish RingCentral as a technology workplace destination for engineers and product leaders. There is a tremendous opportunity to help global organizations streamline their business communications with RingCentral’s robust and reliable solutions as they turn to India for growth and technology development. We believe the deep Indian talent pool can help us further innovate and take advantage of these opportunities. As we lay the foundation to provide AI-powered global communications solutions for Indian enterprises, we will continue to invest in people, focusing on innovative approaches to support learning, digital skills development, and training opportunities for talent in India,” said Sathesh Murthy, Managing Director and Engineering Head of RingCentral India.

Operating in more than 45 countries and supporting 18 languages, RingCentral offers multinational organizations the required flexibility and global reach. The new office in India will enable smooth service deployment for international businesses, paving the way for expanded operations and generating numerous job opportunities in the country.

“Our goal is to grow and scale India as an engineering hub and center of excellence. We’re committed to delivering the best-in-class communications solutions multinational organizations need to drive better business outcomes, as well as providing a collaborative environment for our employees to engage and thrive. We want RingCentral India to be a great place to work, and opening our first office is a step in that direction,” said Dan Deklich, Chief Development Officer at RingCentral.