Airship Introduces the App Experience Editor

Airship has announced innovations to its App Experience Platform to help solve the problem of app retention rates and generate more revenue for businesses. The platform now includes a new no-code native app editing engine - the App Experience Editor - which allows app teams to quickly design, deploy, and iterate app experiences and campaigns without ongoing developer support or app updates. Additionally, Airship's enhancements in email marketing, cross-channel journey orchestration, and intelligent content creation contribute to an improved overall customer experience.

“Consumers have high expectations for apps to offer utility and personalized experiences that simplify their lives and save them time, yet many businesses struggle to provide this. Too often half of the app team is reliant on the other, slowing everyone down. As a result, app teams fail to extend relationships from acquisition and activation through to engagement and loyalty, where real value accumulates. We’re changing that dynamic with the unveiling of Airship’s no-code native app experience editor. Marketers and product teams can now finally take charge of both app experiences and campaigns to form critical first impressions and substantively grow and sustain value over time. We’re entering a new era of customer experience at the speed of mobile, inside and outside the appTM,” said Brett Caine, CEO and President, Airship.

App experience editor 

Following a successful year for brand marketers leveraging Airship's first no-code native app experiences, the company launched the App Experience Editor to provide even more flexible creation capabilities. This includes A/B testing and experimentation, full design control, precise previews, and support for dark mode. Marketers and mobile product owners can now bypass the need to request enhancements from developers, wait for app updates, or settle for suboptimal HTML web views. Instead, they can create and optimize high-value app experiences independently, with full native performance, accessibility, and measurement.


Airship has also added - Stories - a feature that automatically guides users through a rich, multi-screen experience within the app, providing a social media-style experience for in-app experiences, messages, or interstitials. Moreover, brands can now collect first- and zero-party data by combining Surveys with Scenes during the onboarding and activation of app customers.


The company's Journeys feature enables app teams to orchestrate customer journeys across app experiences and campaigns in one place. This offers at-a-glance visualizations of performance and enables teams to make changes easily with just a few clicks. In addition, to improve content testing and optimization, Airship has incorporated OpenAI within its message composer, allowing for instant creation of endless content variations, including localized content in different languages.

Partner configuration tool  

Airship has also unveiled the Partner Configuration Tool that allows easy integration between Airship and other solutions. The no-code UI wizard streamlines connecting data and customer journeys across digital ecosystems. By providing out-of-the-box connectors with third-party solutions, open APIs, and customizable integration recipes, brands can quickly integrate with Airship and provide real-time customer experiences without delays.

Additional enhancements  

Airship Email has also received significant upgrades, including support for complex segmentation, personalization, and testing strategies. The feature also includes deliverability monitoring, suppression management for compliance, and email rendering across hundreds of email clients, browsers, and devices. Marketers can now take full design control using Airship's no-code, drag-and-drop email editor interface.

Additionally, Airship Coupons enables app teams to create individualized promo codes for highly segmented offers delivered through various channels, including persistent in-app message centers, mobile wallets, ads, emails, and inside physical stores.

The company is now providing support for iOS Live Activities to Android users to ensure uniform live update experiences across both platforms. With Airship Live Updates for Android, customers can pin real-time updates to their lock screen and notification tray, providing a consistent experience for all mobile users. This helps keep brands' updates visible for longer, allowing marketers to keep their customers informed in real-time.

Speaking of mobile apps, Airship has recently unveiled new worldwide consumer research to provide insights into consumers' actions and choices regarding mobile apps from retailers.