Salesforce Adds Einstein GPT and Data Cloud Capabilities to Automation Suite

Salesforce has announced additions to its Flow automation tools portfolio, including Einstein GPT and Data Cloud capabilities. This real-time automation capability can be achieved through a user-friendly interface, allowing users to implement automation with just a few clicks.

Salesforce has previously announced Einstein GPT, during TrailblazerDX '23. as ‘the world’s first Generative AI for CRM. This new technology is an extension of the ChatGPT model, which leverages both public and private AI models with CRM data

“You can give it a prompt such as ‘I want to create a guided workflow for a new customer or create a rule to follow up with an email to customers who haven’t responded in five days,’” said John Kucera, Senior Vice President of Product Management, Salesforce.

Einstein GPT for Flow   

Salesforce Flow enables users to create sophisticated business solutions without coding expertise. Flow Builder is the most essential feature of Salesforce Flow, as it allows even non-developers to access the same functionality as experienced Salesforce Developers.

The combination of Einstein GPT and Flow offers a groundbreaking development for users, enabling them to create and modify automation using natural, conversational language. This integration simplifies the flow creation process, lowering barriers for non-technical users and making the overall experience with Flow Builder much more straightforward.

One of the major benefits of Einstein GPT is its ability to learn and improve based on the input of users continuously.

Real-time automation

Einstein GPT for Flow will enable users to describe the flow they want to build and see it created in near real-time. Users will simply describe the type of flow they need, and the technology will build it automatically, streamlining the process and eliminating the need for coding expertise. Similarly, with Einstein GPT, users can describe a formula they need, saving valuable time and resources.

Additionally, this integration offers improved searchability, enabling users to describe the function they need to locate and have Einstein GPT insert the correct flow automatically. This eliminates the need to search for sub-flows and invocable actions manually.

Data Cloud for Flow   

At Dreamforce 2022, Salesforce unveiled Data Cloud, previously known as Genie, which promises to revolutionize customer experiences, as it allows businesses to create highly personalized customer experiences delivered in real-time.

By integrating Data Cloud with Flow, companies can automate complex workflows and trigger actions based on real-time changes, providing businesses with unprecedented insight into customer behavior and enabling them to optimize their workflows and enhance customer relationships.

According to a report from MuleSoft, 36% of IT time is spent on creating custom integrations. With Data Cloud for Flow, this process can be completed by an admin using clicks instead of code. This streamlines the integration process and frees up valuable time for IT teams to focus on other important tasks.

Data Cloud comes equipped with built-in connectors that enable businesses to integrate data from any source in real-time seamlessly. This includes data from Salesforce apps, mobile and web platforms, connected devices, and even legacy systems via MuleSoft. Additionally, historical data from proprietary data lakes can be accessed through Data Cloud's connectors in real-time.

Both features will be available as a pilot in the winter 2024 release.

Elsewhere, Salesforce has recently partnered with the online marketplace RealReal, to enhance the selling and shopping experience for its customers.