ServiceNow and NVIDIA Revolutionize Telecom with Tailor-Made GenAI Solutions

ServiceNow and NVIDIA have announced an expansion of their partnership to introduce tailor-made generative AI solutions designed specifically for the telecommunications industry. The inaugural solution, Now Assist for Telecommunications Service Management (TSM), leverages the Now Platform and integrates NVIDIA AI to enhance agent efficiency, expedite issue resolution, and elevate overall customer experiences.   

“GenAI is a game-changer for telcos looking to boost productivity, improve customer experiences, and drive cost savings with its ability to learn and improve with each use. Together, ServiceNow and NVIDIA will help telcos realize unprecedented business value and impact, fast. This is just the beginning of a large-scale transformation for the industry, and we’re excited to be at the forefront,” said Rohit Batra, General Manager and Vice President for Telecom, Media, and Tech at ServiceNow.

This collaboration comes as telecommunications companies increasingly turn to AI and automation to reduce costs and explore new business opportunities, with a recent IDC survey revealing that 73% of global telecom service providers prioritize AI/ML investments for operational support.

Now Assist incorporates ServiceNow's finely tuned large language models and leverages NVIDIA Triton Inference Server and customized NVIDIA NeMo, both integral components of the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform. This comprehensive approach facilitates the development and deployment of production-grade AI applications, specifically catering to generative AI innovations crucial for business-critical applications within the telecom sector.

Latest features in key areas  

Customer Care: Empowering telco customer service agents, GenAI-driven chat summarization, and agent assist functionalities significantly enhance productivity. By summarizing case activity, work notes, and customer interactions, GenAI guides agents with the next best actions, allowing them to efficiently address routine queries and focus on more complex issues that demand personalized attention, leading to an enhanced customer experience.

Service Assurance: Addressing critical incidents such as fiber cuts, GenAI proves instrumental for service assurance teams by providing a rapid and streamlined understanding of incidents. By decoding technical jargon and distilling complex information into clear summaries, GenAI accelerates time to resolution, reduces costs, and improves overall customer experiences.

This collaboration aims to tackle the telecom industry's most significant challenges, fostering business transformation on a global scale.

“The telco industry is rapidly evolving as AI makes its mark on enterprises everywhere. Our partnership with ServiceNow will help telcos leverage GenAI to tackle their unique challenges and build better, stronger, more efficient experiences,” said Chris Penrose, Global Head of Business Development for Telco at NVIDIA.