Simplr Unveils Voice-to-Digital Innovation

Simplr has unveiled its latest innovation - Voice-to-Digital capabilities that help clients swiftly transition customer inquiries from costly phone channels to more cost-effective and optimized digital support channels. Building upon their recent integration of OpenAI technologies into their chatbot solutions, Simplr now delivers a comprehensive digital CX suite, incorporating extensive automation in the field of customer service.

"With the help of Simplr, our clients have been able to effectively optimize digital support channels without needing to invest in the training, scheduling, and onboarding overhead associated with legacy customer service BPOs. Today's announcement takes those benefits and applies it to the last bastion of the antiquated contact center model: phone support. The result is unparalleled CX cost efficiency," said Amit Sood, CTO, Simplr.

Phone support, known for being both costly and time-consuming, has attracted a lot of attention from customer service leaders. A study conducted by McKinsey in 2022 revealed that reducing call volumes ranked among the top three priorities for enterprise customer service leaders. However, despite this objective, 58% of contact center leaders anticipate an increase in phone volumes due to the rise in contacts per order.

Simplr's latest solution helps enterprise customer service leaders shift customers from phone-based interactions to text messaging. By leveraging the power of OpenAI, Simplr combines chatbot capabilities with human agents to efficiently and effectively address customer inquiries, resulting in a significant reduction in contacts per order and ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction levels.

Shortly after integrating generative AI into its platform, Simplr has introduced a robust set of safeguards - Cognitive Paths - which ensures the safe and secure automation of "Level 2" complex inquiries, including those that offer potential upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

"The future of CX is digital and powered by AI. This recent set of announcements means that Simplr clients have the entire set of tools they need to exceed the expectations of their customers today–regardless of channel–while providing a foundation upon which their customer service organization can succeed and grow far into the future," added Sood.