SOCi’s New Survey Solution to Offer Proactive Insights for Personalization Purposes

SOCihas introduced SOCi Surveys, which enables businesses to actively gather ongoing feedback from customers in order to create personalized experiences. By providing real-time insights into customer sentiment, SOCi Surveys assists businesses in measuring customer satisfaction and understanding their preferences.

SOCi Surveys provides multi-location enterprises with a competitive edge by allowing them to proactively collect first-party data which is exclusive to their brand. This feedback is transformed into meaningful insights that drive improvements in business operations, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

"SOCi Surveys unlocks a world where multi-location businesses can understand their customers on a deeper, local level and make data-driven decisions to improve operations where it matters most – inside the stores. No brand will ever be closer to their consumer than its local stores. Adding this reality to the fact that consumer behavior patterns are volatile, the need and struggle to capture location-based customer insights becomes clear – especially at a time when brand visibility is more critical than ever," said Cynthia Castro, VP of Product, SOCi.

The integration of first-party data collection through SOCi Surveys not only enhances personalized customer experiences but also enables marketers to leverage advanced AI technologies effectively. By building a comprehensive repository of first-party data, marketers gain access to valuable insights that can be used to fuel AI models and tools. This, in turn, enables more precise customer segmentation, refined targeting strategies, and more impactful personalization efforts.

A range of key features and benefits  

Effortless Survey Creation: Marketers can easily create surveys using pre-designed templates or fully customize them according to their needs. This empowers them to engage with customers in new and impactful ways.

Multichannel Deployment: Surveys can be deployed across various customer channels, such as email campaigns, SMS campaigns (coming soon), and online survey forms. This ensures that marketers can reach customers on their preferred communication platforms.

Real-time Interaction: With SOCi Surveys, marketers can interact with customers in real-time, and automatically respond to survey responses by asking follow-up questions, allowing for deeper insights into customers' preferences and experiences.

Actionable Insights: SOCi Surveys transforms customer feedback into actionable insights. Marketers can identify crucial satisfaction factors, uncover trends, and make informed decisions that improve business operations.

Own First-Party Data: By collecting and owning their first-party data, marketers reduce reliance on external sources and gain a competitive edge in the market.

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