SoundHound AI and Perplexity Join Forces to Supercharge Voice Assistants

SoundHound AI has unveiled its collaboration with Perplexity, an innovator in conversational AI and answer engines, to enhance SoundHound's Chat AI voice assistant by integrating Perplexity's dynamic LLM capabilities.

“By integrating Perplexity search capabilities into SoundHound Chat AI we’re raising the bar for voice assistants and the kinds of queries they can handle effortlessly. Where this technology is already deployed in vehicles, we’re seeing usage habits shift substantially – increasing by multiples. We’re confident that this enhancement will further delight users as more and more people choose to talk rather than type,” said Mike Zagorsek, Chief Operations Officer at SoundHound AI.

With this integration, SoundHound's Chat AI will tap into Perplexity's advanced algorithms to deliver precise, current answers to queries about web-based data that traditional static LLMs struggle with, therefore broadening the scope of inquiries the assistant can effectively manage.

For instance, users might ask, “How does the price of gas this week compare to last week?” and receive a detailed, AI-generated explanation along with the latest data on gas prices. They could then command, “Navigate to the nearest gas station,” and SoundHound's system would efficiently link to relevant data and navigation tools on a device like a smartphone or car navigation system.

Drawing on nearly two decades of in AI, speech recognition, and natural language understanding, SoundHound's proprietary technologies enable impressive response accuracy and speed, allowing for natural dialogue and access to a wide array of real-time information—including flight schedules, sports updates, music choices, and dining options. The inclusion of Perplexity's search capabilities now adds an enhanced layer of internet-sourced information to the assistant.

SoundHound Chat AI is the first voice assistant globally to incorporate generative AI and the first to be implemented in the automotive industry through a partnership with Stellantis. The assistant is currently available in 18 languages across more than 12 countries.

Moreover, the assistant features unique arbitration technology that blends software engineering with machine learning to select the best responses, reducing the risk of erroneous AI-generated content, often referred to as "AI hallucinations."

“Through this integration with SoundHound’s Chat AI assistant, we’re one step closer to our goal of making Perplexity available to everyone across every device they use. With the growing popularity of voice AI, we’re allowing users to more easily access the information they need, when they need it,” said Dmitry Shevelenko, Chief Business Officer at Perplexity AI.

Elsewhere, SoundHound has partnered with Olo, a restaurant SaaS provider, to allow SoundHound's technology to be accessible to approximately 77,000 establishments that rely on Olo's solutions.