Phenom and Pontoon Partner to Improve Recruitment with AI-Powered Talent Experience

Phenom and Pontoon, a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Managed Service Provider (MSP) solutions provider have joined forces to provide Pontoon with access to Phenom's Intelligent Talent Experience platform. This partnership aims to enhance the recruitment process by enabling Pontoon to effectively implement and utilize the platform.

“Phenom’s purpose is to help a billion people find the right job and our partnership with Pontoon is another step closer to that goal. Partnering with Pontoon enables us to help more global companies meet their talent goals with AI, automation and experience,” said Brian Kelly, VP & GM, Corporate Development and Alliances, Phenom.

This partnership offers a complete and unified solution for an intelligent talent experience by offering personalization and automation, resulting in improved recruitment results and faster hiring. Pontoon, through its collaboration with Phenom, can effectively introduce, apply, and enhance this technology for employers in various sectors.

“Partnering with Phenom furthers Pontoon’s mission to simplify, execute and grow while delivering a premium experience for our clients and their candidates in every facet of the hiring journey. As a Phenom customer as well, we understand firsthand the value its intelligent talent experience technology provides — and will enable our clients to succeed in today’s competitive talent market,” said Jay Eardly, Global Head of Service Design & Delivery at Pontoon.

Better experience for all  

By harnessing advanced automation and AI capabilities, this partnership aims to enhance the experiences of candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers. It offers strategic services and strong support for talent acquisition technologies such as screening, scheduling, and interview intelligence. The ultimate goal is to enable employers to simplify their processes and effectively recruit the most suitable talent in today's fiercely competitive market.

Additionally, this collaboration aims to achieve efficiency, scalability, and cost reduction, resulting in a significant return on investment and decreased time per hire. By utilizing Pontoon's solutions and expertise in workforce management, organizations across various sectors can streamline their recruitment processes, tap into top talent pools, optimize their hiring strategies, and effectively retain the right talent.

Organizations can also ensure compliance and streamline their workflows by leveraging an intelligent solution that seamlessly integrates with their existing systems and processes. This solution provides real-time reporting and analytics, enabling organizations to effectively manage compliance requirements. Additionally, it provides valuable insights into talent acquisition processes, helping organizations make informed decisions and optimize their recruitment strategies.

Phenom's offerings  

Apart from Phenom's existing range of talent acquisition and talent management solutions, such as Career Site, CMS, CRM, Chatbot, One-Way Interviews, AI Scheduling, and Talent Marketplace, the company has introduced a new platform-wide generative AI capability called Phenom X+. This AI capability automates content creation, provides actionable intelligence, and eliminates time-consuming tasks, resulting in enhanced efficiency.

Phenom has also unveiled 18 new intelligence and automation innovations, including features like High-Volume Hiring, Interview Intelligence, and Candidate Hub, among others, which aim to transform the way employers hire, develop, and retain talent.