Airship Survey Reveals Rising Digital Well-Being Trends Ahead of Apple’s iOS 17 Launch 

One in four consumers use apps to manage their screen time or prevent distractions. Moreover, even more individuals are embracing Apple's features like Focus and Live Activities, designed to reduce distractions and interruptions while ensuring they stay connected to essential information and apps tailored to specific moments in their daily routines.

Airship has shared survey results highlighting the growing significance of digital well-being among global consumers, right before Apple's upcoming fall event and the launch of iOS 17.  

“It’s no surprise that Apple is looking to double down on the success of Live Activities with new updates that will transform the lock screen into something that closely resembles a remote control for your life. Now more than ever, brands can gain front-and-center visibility by simplifying customers’ lives and saving them time — rather than commanding or demanding their attention. That’s key to unlocking a valuable new era of customer experience,” said Thomas Butta, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Airship.

Since its debut in September 2021, 56% of iPhone users have utilized Apple's Focus feature to determine which apps, contacts, and notifications can access them during various times of the day. Among those who haven't employed Focus, 42% cite a lack of awareness about the feature, while 29% state that they don't encounter sufficient interruptions to necessitate its use.

In October 2022, Apple introduced Live Activities. This feature allows users to pin real-time updated information to their lock screens, reducing the need for multiple notifications from a single app. Surprisingly, 41% of respondents have already taken advantage of Live Activities with their apps, while 35% have not yet used it. Only 24% remain unaware of this new capability.

Furthermore, global consumers express high satisfaction with Live Activities, as 62% of those who have used it rated their experience as either "Good" or "Exceptional," with only 6% giving it a "Poor" or "Bad" rating.

Live Activities is gaining popularity swiftly, supported by prominent events like the World Cup and the growing number of brands incorporating it into their apps. Unlike Focus, which requires iPhone users to set it up, Live Activities is becoming more widely recognized and adopted.

Additionally, with the public launch of iOS 17, Live Activities is expected to receive another boost, as this update enables brands to integrate buttons and toggles into Live Activities, providing customers with essential functionality directly on their lock screens.

In other news, Airship has announced innovations to its App Experience Platform to help solve the problem of app retention rates and generate more revenue for businesses.