SugarCRM and sales-i Join Forces for B2B Growth

SugarCRM has formed a strategic partnership with cloud-based sales intelligence platform sales-i, to improve sales performance in B2B sectors such as manufacturing, wholesale, and distribution. This collaboration will leverage advanced customer insights, analytics, and intelligence-driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

“The Sugar and sales-i collaboration offers unprecedented sales intelligence and next-best-action guidance centered on the buying behaviors unique to B2B customers within the manufacturing, wholesale, and distribution sectors. If your company sells tens of thousands of products across thousands of customers, then this is a must-have solution to deliver revenue growth and customer satisfaction,” says Clint Oram, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder, SugarCRM.

In today's challenging business landscape, providing sales teams with accessible and comprehensible data is essential for maintaining a competitive edge. sales-i helps sales professionals efficiently identify and pursue valuable sales opportunities within their current customer base. By receiving real-time alerts about customer buying behaviors, salespeople can swiftly make informed and personalized business decisions, resulting in increased repeat sales, reduced customer attrition, and optimized profit margins.

Uncovering hidden cross-selling and upselling opportunities  

By leveraging advanced algorithms and analyzing past sales patterns, the sales-i software uncovers concealed cross-selling and upselling possibilities within a customer's profile. After a purchase, sales-i utilizes predictive capabilities to determine the likelihood of an associated product being ordered, equipping salespeople with valuable insights into potential revenue-generating opportunities.

The SugarCRM platform seamlessly integrates with sales-i, allowing real-time sales insights to be delivered directly to the Sugar dashboard. Sales teams can access valuable information, including confidence scores indicating each opportunity's accuracy and potential value. This integration centralizes sales analytics for all customers, sales teams, branches, and products, providing instant access to critical data.

“This collaboration combines the power of two leading software vendors to bolster sales innovation and results. Sales professionals can now enjoy a stream of timely, relevant sales insights spanning multiple products from within the Sugar platform to help businesses sell smart, every day,” says Paul Black, Founder, sales-i.

SugarCRM customers can access sales-i through SugarOutfitters, Sugar's third-party app marketplace, its dedicated customer success manager, or its partner.

Not too long ago, SugarCRM added a host of powerful new features to Sugar Enterprise+, its CRM, sales force automation platform for on-premises customers.