Theta Lake Expands Compliance Solutions for Modern Voice Recording Needs

Theta Lake has expanded its capabilities, integrations, and partnerships to address the evolving demands for voice recording and compliance. Modern voice recording compliance methods have become crucial as businesses transition from traditional voice and calling systems to cloud-based unified communication platforms. This shift presents new challenges for outdated compliance recording systems that rely on device and network-based setups.

“We’ve focused our integrations and efforts at Theta Lake on providing the broadest coverage for Cloud Voice Unified Communication platforms with the deepest DCG capabilities for compliance. This latest wave of integrations, capabilities, and patented technology is just more validation of our impact and innovation in compliant voice,” said Dan Nadir, Chief Product Officer, Theta Lake.

In the past two years, regulators have imposed nearly $3 billion in fines on organizations failing to manage their communication landscape effectively. Violations range from failing to retain voice calls and messages to poor handling of PCI data and delayed GDPR right-to-be-forgotten responses. Moreover, inadequate supervision of employee communications is a significant concern. Regulators emphasize the importance of proper oversight and data retention across all communication channels, including voice and messaging.

Theta Lake’s cloud-native DCG coverage for Cloud Voice and UC platforms provides a scalable and flexible solution for capturing voice through integrations or Theta Lake’s recording infrastructure. This includes call center tools, enterprise calling products, trader voice, and any app or native mobile-based phone calls (including text messages). It allows for flexible retention of selected elements of modern voice communications, including audio, transcripts, SMS, and content from screen sharing and other mediums used in contemporary call center platforms.

Theta Lake supports voice recording and capture for a host of platforms, including Amazon Connect, Cloud9, Dialpad, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, Nice, RingCentral RingEx, RingCentral RingCX, RingCentral Contact Center, Symphony, Verint, Cisco Webex, and Zoom Contact Center.

Theta Lake innovations  

Microsoft Certified Compliance Recorder: Theta Lake's unique recorder supports Follow-the-User recording for Microsoft’s Operator Connect and over 93 phone and voice providers integrated with Microsoft Teams.

Unified Risk Detection Platform: Offers comprehensive coverage for capturing, archiving, searching, and detecting risks in voice, SMS, and messaging across carriers, Unified Communication providers, and mobile compliance tools.

Integrated Modality Coverage: Ensures unified risk detection and archiving for integrated voice platform modalities, including SMS, transitions from call-to-chat and chat-to-call in UC, trader voice, and screen sharing in call center tools.

Multi-Location Storage Management: Provides support for call recording archiving across various geographies, complying with local data sovereignty regulations. Advanced security and compliance certifications include options for customer-managed encryption keys and cloud storage, offering flexibility in migration, storage cost management, and leveraging call recording data for internal applications.

Enhanced Transcription Services: Leverages Theta Lake’s multi-patented and patent-pending TranscriptionRN for improved compliance context, surpassing basic solutions focused only on Word Error Rate (WER). The newly patented technology, US-20240176947-A1, improves detection of soundalikes and lookalikes, enhances multi-language transcription, and identifies compliance, security, and user risks with on-demand translation for reviewers.

Elsewhere, Theta Lake has unveiled a series of innovations in the market, introducing new integrations, enhanced capabilities, and flexible acquisition options for Theta Lake offerings.