WorkJam Announces its Availability on Google Cloud Marketplace

WorkJam has announced that it is officially accessible on the Google Cloud Marketplace, amplifying its commitment to transforming frontline workforce dynamics for some of the world's leading enterprises enhancing operational efficiency and employee engagement.   

“Google Cloud offers world-class infrastructure and by launching on Google Cloud Marketplace, we’re making it easy for enterprise retailers to tap WorkJam’s capabilities to improve performance, engagement and retention. This partnership marks another extension of our commitment to empowering businesses with all the tools they need to orchestrate their frontline staffs,” said Will Eadie, CRO of WorkJam.

This move will allow Google Cloud customers to leverage their cloud credits to acquire WorkJam's digital frontline workplace super app. By tapping into WorkJam's AI-powered analytics, organizations can gain valuable insights into frontline workforce data, ultimately refining their operational strategies, elevating customer experiences, and positively impacting their financial performance.

“Bringing WorkJam’s digital frontline workplace to Google Cloud Marketplace enables retailers to connect their frontline workforce to all of Google Cloud’s leading cloud infrastructure. We’re proud to partner with WorkJam as it empowers enterprises and their frontline staffs with its fully modular super app,” said Dai Vu, Managing Director, Cloud Marketplace & ISV GTM Initiatives at Google Cloud.

Enterprises can initially invest in one module and seamlessly activate additional features as their requirements evolve and expand. This adaptability ensures that businesses can tailor their digital workplace solutions to meet the dynamic needs of their growing operations.

Intending to enhance frontline employee experiences, WorkJam collaborated with companies such as Qualtrics and Blue Yonder last year.