SupportLogic Enhances the Agent Experience with Response and Translation Assist

SupportLogic has unveiled that its Support Experience (SX) management platform now provides two innovative AI features - Response Assist and Translation Assist - exclusively for its Agent SX customers. These features are designed to enhance the customer support experience and make it more efficient and effective.

"It's been just a little over a month since we announced our ambitious GenAI product roadmap, and with these releases, we've made a bold stride towards fulfilling that promise. Our recognition as one of the top ten finalists in VentureBeat's Innovation Showcase further underscores the disruptive potential of our offerings. These milestones signify the next chapter in our innovation story at SupportLogic, and evidence of our relentless drive to make good on our mission to constantly surpass expectations to revolutionize the support industry," said Krishna Raj Raja, Founder and CEO, SupportLogic.

SupportLogic has been leveraging its predictive AI technology to automatically extract and analyze customer signals, ensuring a top-notch support experience right from the start. However, with the rapid rise of generative AI, businesses are now facing a fast-paced transformation. These new innovations bring both great opportunities and challenges for enterprises seeking to integrate these technologies into their customer support processes in a reliable, secure, and ethical manner.

Response assist  

Response Assist provides customer support professionals with various forms of assistance. It offers help with tonality, grammar, ensuring compliance with policies, and even provides coaching on soft skills. By utilizing this tool, customer support agents can communicate with customers more confidently and enhance the overall quality of their interactions.

Translation assist  

Translation Assist is a feature that offers real-time, two-way language translation capabilities. It can detect sentiments and keywords during communication and also provides response assistance. With this tool, support organizations can effortlessly create a global team without any language barriers, enabling seamless communication and support services worldwide.

"SupportLogic is transforming the entire Support Agent Experience and is why we're trusted by some of the world's best and largest technology brands. We understand the critical need to grow and protect your business at every phase of the customer journey. These new generative AI capabilities assist customer support teams as they increase productivity, drive brand loyalty and renewals by making AI more human," continued Raja.

Additionally, at the June SX Live conference, SupportLogic revealed its generative AI roadmap, highlighting the significant potential of generative AI in revolutionizing the support experience.

SupportLogic Agent SX is currently available as a free trial for support professionals who are leveraging Salesforce Service Cloud.

At the beginning of the year, SupportLogic acquired Emtropy Labs, a technology provider that helps automate quality assurance (QA) for business support centers.