40% of Consumers Share Customer Experience with Followers Rather Than Brands

Almost one-third of consumers globally have stated that they would pay a higher price for a product or service if they were satisfied with the customer service, according to a survey by Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab.

The survey also showed that in the post-pandemic era, 42% of consumers place a higher emphasis on receiving quality customer service when shopping for products and services. This highlights the increased significance of delivering a positive experience before and after a purchase.

"The way customers interact with companies when they need support is ever-evolving as technology enables new communication channels. With years of insights from our research center, we set a higher innovation bar for our industry. Our clients can take full advantage of fact-based analysis and have a pulse of customer interaction trends to improve their customer service strategies through Teleperformance's CX Lab," said Luciana Cemerka, vice president of Global Marketing, Teleperformance.

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Some other key findings from the survey include:

Almost half of the consumers prefer to share their experiences with a brand's customer service on social media, usually on their personal accounts, to inform their friends and followers, rather than on the brand's official pages to request assistance.

Poor customer service can negatively impact customer loyalty, as 28% of respondents are less likely to remain loyal or make another purchase if they are unhappy with the interaction. Furthermore, 14% of consumers have had their personal information compromised or stolen, leading to a 3% decrease in their loyalty to that brand.

Additionally, having a good mix of customer service channels can greatly increase customer loyalty. Customers who are satisfied with the available options for contacting a company are 37% more likely to remain loyal or make another purchase compared to those who are not pleased with the available channels.

 About Teleperformance CX Lab

Founded in 2013, The Customer Experience Lab (CX Lab) of Teleperformance offers valuable information and insights to clients who want to enhance their customer experience. The CX Lab conducts Global CX Survey to understand customers' behavior, preferences for customer service, perceptions, and the factors that drive their loyalty, satisfaction, and advocacy for a brand. This survey provides clients with proprietary statistics and insights from a customer's perspective to help them improve customer loyalty.