Talkwalker Launches Large Language Models to Enhance Consumer Intelligence Performance

Consumer intelligence solutions provider Talkwalker has added large language models to its platform. The new models are part of Talkwalker's AI engine Blue Silk on which its conversation intelligence platform is based.

With the new capabilities, marketers can quickly and precisely obtain real-time insights and categorize relevant social conversations.

The large language models can analyze the relationship between words and phrases, foresee new text, translate between languages, as well as answer questions, classify, and summarize.

The company says the large language models they use are "about a thousand times larger" than those used by the majority of consumer intelligence providers in the industry.

“Data insights are invaluable, but in today’s digital world, brands are flooded with so much data, they’re struggling to efficiently and cost-effectively surface the key insights they need to take action. Talkwalker’s pioneering innovations use cutting-edge large language models, automation and AI to do the hard work behind the scenes so marketers can gain access to valuable insights more quickly and easily than ever before,” said David Low, CMO, Talkwalker.

Two Talkwalker applications of large language models that are currently available in the English language are Blue Silk Insight and 1-Click AI Classifier. More models are planned for the coming months.

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Blue Silk Insight

Blue Silk Insight enables marketers and insights teams to reduce the time to extract actionable insights. Since the main task of CX, PR, and insights teams of today, is going through and analyzing thousands of customer emails, and surveys, either manually or by taking a small data sample, Blue Silk Insight helps streamline this process and dramatically lower the time needed to complete the work.

The main benefits of Blue Silk Insights include:

  • Providing concise results that capture the gist of thousands of consumer reviews or surveys in a few sentences.

  • Saving time otherwise spent in manual labor.

  • Minimizing costs by optimizing resources.

  • Validating business hypotheses in real-time with automatic AI-generated insights.

  • Obtaining insights in real-time and developing engagement strategies to boost customer experience.

1-Click AI Classifier

Talkwalker’s 1-Click AI Classifier feature allows marketers to quickly draft short descriptions in the natural language of the main topics and insights they wish to categorize. Then, the teams can instantly classify millions of unstructured social conversation data sets. Leveraging this feature may be beneficial for PR and CX teams as categorizing the voice of the consumer on social media is crucial for brands to get a better understanding of consumer preferences and sentiments which tend to change frequently.

The main benefits of the 1-Click AI Classifier are:

  • Quickly categorizing millions of social conversations, blogs, and articles without the need to spend hours setting up complicated rules.

  • Filtering for relevant online customer data in an instant.

About Talkwalker

Founded in 2009, Talkwalker is a consumer intelligence platform focused on tracking brands' global online reputation and sentiment through the web, social, print, and TV. The platform helps brands close the gap between brands and consumers by using AI to analyze millions of social data sources. The company helps more than 2,500 companies worldwide to protect their brand value, and gain consumer insights that drive purchase decisions.