TaskUs and Zendesk Partner to Boost Customer Service with TaskGPT

TaskUs has revealed its integration with Zendesk to enable organizations utilizing Zendesk to seamlessly incorporate TaskUs' generative AI-driven customer service solutions into their existing infrastructure.

“We are thrilled to offer our clients the flexibility to integrate TaskGPT with Zendesk and other CX solution providers. Flexibility is the key to our TaskGPT solution, which can connect with our clients’ existing systems to deliver superior service quickly and efficiently,said Manish Pandya, Senior Vice President of Digital at TaskUs.

TaskGPT, a robust suite of products developed by TaskUs and powered by generative AI and Large Language Models, is at the core of this integration. Clients leveraging Zendesk can effortlessly configure their solutions to provide generative AI-driven responses to straightforward or process-oriented customer service inquiries.

This integration enhances efficiency and boosts customer satisfaction scores, as each response is accompanied by a confidence score, indicating its reliability. This allows frontline staff to customize selected responses based on ongoing customer interactions, ensuring a smooth flow of conversations.

Following the successful TaskGPT pilot with MoneyLion, announced last June and now in deployment, TaskUs reports that 15 global clients are currently piloting the solution. The implementation of TaskGPT has demonstrated significant improvements in productivity and client satisfaction for those utilizing the solution.

TaskGPT has enabled the company's clients to leverage the transformative potential of AI and provide them with a comprehensive suite of generative AI solutions, such as a consultative Solution Design approach, AI services, including annotation, evaluation, and Trust & Safety Support.