TaskUs Unlocks a New Era of Customer Support with TaskGPT

Outsourced digital services provider TaskUs has unveiled TaskGPT, an innovative customer service application that leverages the power of generative AI, allowing businesses to provide exceptional customer support and engagement.

TaskUs has expanded its collaboration with top generative AI companies to develop advanced tools which will enhance the efficiency of TaskUs frontline staff, support the company's internal chatbot, and evaluate employee language proficiency and customer service abilities. Furthermore, TaskGPT technology has been seamlessly integrated into TaskVerse, the company's gig economy platform, to drive better outcomes and minimize expenses.

“We are excited about the revolution taking place in Generative AI and our ability to take advantage of massive technological benefits to increase the efficiency of TaskUs and our clients. We are thrilled to build on the knowledge we’ve accumulated internally and deliver solutions for clients. We believe so strongly in the transformative abilities of our AI-based tools and knowledge that we’ve developed a new revenue model for the business that will see us compensated based on the outcomes we deliver,” said Bryce Maddock, Co-Founder and CEO of TaskUs.

TaskUs has announced its partnership with MoneyLion, a financial technology company, as one of the first partners to leverage the capabilities of TaskGPT. MoneyLion will be utilizing TaskGPT to enhance its operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

A comprehensive suite of generative AI solutions  

By introducing TaskGPT, TaskUs will enable its clients to leverage the transformative potential of AI and provide them with a comprehensive suite of Generative AI solutions.

TaskUs employs a consultative approach called Solution design, which assists prominent enterprises in driving innovation and building new capabilities with generative AI. The functions range from automating routine tasks to aiding in creative endeavors.

In addition, TaskUs offers AI services that encompass annotation and evaluation support for leading AI companies, assisting in training algorithms, enhancing model performance, and ensuring alignment with human values. TaskUs has established a dedicated Prompt Engineering team that specializes in developing and refining prompts for artificial intelligence systems.

The company provides Trust & Safety Support services, which include activities like Adversarial Testing, in collaboration with generative AI companies. The primary objective is to ensure the safety and integrity of AI systems, specifically focusing on preventing Large Language Models (LLMs) from generating responses that violate company policies.

“All of the efficiencies and new companies and services that Generative AI will bring will have one thing in common: They’ll rely on humans. Our talented teammates will leverage these tools to successfully build, integrate and deploy this technology for clients. They’ll also play an integral role supporting the new companies in the Generative AI space as they scale. TaskUs thrives in this type of rapidly changing environment and we’re so excited about what’s ahead,” concluded Maddock.