SOCi’s Genius Social Transforms Localized Content Creation and Engagement

SOCi has introduced the beta version of Genius Social, the latest addition to the Genius line of autonomous marketing products. This AI automation layer, seamlessly integrated into SOCi's core Social product, is set to redefine the approach of multi-location marketers to localized content creation and consumer engagement.

Genius Social taps into the capabilities of SOCi's CoMarketing Cloud, pulling in data and valuable customer insights from diverse channels such as search engines, social media platforms, customer reviews, and more. Beyond merely collecting data, this integration synthesizes information to construct a comprehensive 360-degree view of local customer interests.  

As an extension of SOCi Social, SOCi has recently unveiled Genius Social | Engagements to efficiently create personalized, on-brand responses for various engagement types across different social networks.

 "Imagine having an AI-powered assistant or 'comarketer' that not only crafts compelling, hyper-local content but also handles customer engagements with ease. This frees up your local managers' time to focus on what they do best – running their business," said Falk Gottlob, Chief Product Officer, SOCi.

Tailored content  and easier engagement

Leveraging AI capabilities creates content that resonates authentically with local audiences. Genius Social aligns seamlessly with brand messaging and taps into local trends, delivering content that establishes a direct connection with specific communities.

Additionally, the solution enables engagement with consumers through AI-crafted, on-brand responses, as well as the maintenance of consistency across all locations while saving valuable time and resources.

As the company suggests, AI handles the heavy lifting, helping local managers concentrate on efficiently running their stores without the daily burden of social media tasks.

SOCi Social's current users have the opportunity to join the Beta waitlist and experience the advantages offered by two AI-powered modules: Content and Engagements. The Genius Social is expected to be accessible to multi-location enterprises starting January 2024.

For businesses, the cost of suboptimal social media presence and local engagement amounts to over $1.1 million in lost social media value. Crafting a successful social media strategy proves particularly challenging for local businesses with limited time and resources. Genius Social aims to provide a solution that demands less effort while delivering more impactful results.