Unwrapping Joy: The Art and Challenge of Corporate Gift-Giving in the Holiday Season

In the upcoming holiday season, 75% of employees are anticipating a gift from their employers, viewing it as a meaningful gesture reflecting gratitude and appreciation. The data, unveiled in Snappy's Holiday Gifting Report, emphasizes the significant impact of gift-giving on fostering positive business relationships, with 78% experiencing increased job satisfaction after receiving a thoughtful gift.  

Despite the widespread enjoyment of the festive season reported by 74% of respondents, the survey also reveals common gifting challenges, including 70% receiving unused gifts and 24% facing the awkwardness of unwanted gifts from their bosses. While 51% admit to feeling stress when selecting gifts, the spirit of giving is still present, as 55% reflect fondly on the gift-giver when using a received gift, underscoring the importance of meaningful gifting.

Speaking of employee gift-giving, in its 2023 birthday study, Snappy revealed that 64% of Americans said that receiving a gift from their company was an important tradition in their birthday celebrations.

The challenge of corporate gift-giving  

Navigating the realm of corporate gift-giving poses challenges, as indicated by the fact that 55% of respondents seek assistance in selecting the right gifts, and 70% express a desire for more efficient ways to complete holiday shopping, from selection to delivery.

Giving gifts to employees can have a lasting positive impact, with 35% experiencing increased job satisfaction for a duration of 3–6 months after receiving a thoughtful gift. While gift cards are convenient, chosen by 61% for their ease, a notable 70% find them impersonal, signaling a demand for more meaningful and accessible gifting options for both businesses and individuals.

Although the saying "it's the thought that counts" is true, 63% prefer no gift rather than receiving a poorly chosen one. Strikingly, 31% indicate that not receiving a holiday gift could influence them to explore new job opportunities.

Corporate gifting extends beyond internal employees, reaching external business relationships, with 66% sending gifts to clients and 68% to vendors. This underlines the crucial role of gifting in cultivating lasting relationships.

Personalized and conscious gift-giving  

Shifting focus to personal gifting, 69% of respondents, despite thinking they are "easy to shop for," have received unwanted holiday gifts. This disconnect contributes to stress for gift-givers, with 52% fearing they might select the "wrong" gift.

In order to help with personalized gifts, Snappy has introduced an AI Gifting Assistant to take personalization, convenience, and delight to the next level.

Conscious gifting gains prominence, with 62% preferring gifts supporting small businesses, 39% favoring eco-friendly options, and 34% showing a preference for gifts from minority-owned businesses.

In the realm of online shopping, factors influencing decisions include price (51%), quality (47%), and variety (35%). Notably, shipping costs emerge as a significant consideration for over a third (34%) of respondents.

In the end, sentimentality triumphs over cost, with 71% of gift-givers and 80% of recipients placing higher importance on the thought behind the gift.