TTEC Releases an Updated Suite of AI Solutions

TTEC has announced an updated suite of AI solutions, which leverage the latest generative AI technology to provide clients with immediate solutions and an AI-enabled CX roadmap for future strategies. TTEC is utilizing its proprietary intellectual property, partnerships, and deep technology offerings to deliver innovative solutions that incorporate AI into its CX solutions.

"Our investments in digital CX have given TTEC a significant head start in the market. We've been using AI in our CX offerings for some time to improve our CX technology solutions and augment associate productivity when we are providing operational delivery. Recent advancements in generative AI have added a wealth of new use cases and possibilities. With our deep and practical understanding of CX technology and operations, we know what it takes to unlock the full potential of AI. Our expanded offerings are designed to provide clients with a foundational framework, strategic accelerators, and vertical specific applications, " said Ken Tuchman, chairman and CEO, TTEC.

TTEC's updated AI solutions were developed in response to demand from its clients within the Global 1000. These solutions were also created with input from the company's AI Center of Excellence for Customer Experience, which is made up of experts from TTEC's technology, analytics, consulting, and operations practices. The center's cross-functional team is dedicated to developing new solutions, providing thought leadership, and offering guidance to help businesses navigate the possibilities of AI and deliver innovative AI-enabled CX solutions to their clients.

Latest TTEC AI-powered solutions  

TTEC has unveiled an Enhanced Customer Experience AI Readiness Assessment & Roadmap, which is a thorough framework for evaluating how to effectively use AI solutions to gain a competitive edge in the market. This assessment takes into account regulatory requirements and other important factors to help businesses understand the steps they need to take to implement AI effectively.

The company also offers private large language models and managed services that leverage a client's data sets to develop AI-driven engagement strategies.

TTEC has developed a disciplined approach to integrating voice-based AI engagement and conversational messaging into omnichannel customer journeys. This includes intelligent routing to ensure a seamless customer experience across all digital channels.

Additionally, TTEC's Generative AI Empowered Associate solution enhances associate performance through conversational knowledge bases, automated contact summaries, and real-time coaching powered by AI. This solution improves speed to proficiency, lowers average handling time (AHT), and increases customer satisfaction (CSAT) by providing associates with AI-based real-time coaching.

The company's Advanced AI Analytics leverages machine learning to improve the customer experience through micro-customer segmentation and real-time customized journeys.

Elsewhere, TTEC has recently launched a new tool - the Workforce Management Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service - which helps companies monitor their employees' performance in real-time.