Twilio Adds Two New Features to Twilio Flex

Twilio has announced the debut of two advancements within Twilio Flex, its cloud-based digital engagement solution: Unified Profiles and Agent Copilot. These innovations leverage real-time data and artificial intelligence (AI) to drive personalized experiences and enhance agent productivity.

 "Unified Profiles and Agent Copilot within Twilio Flex showcase the power of merging Twilio's communication channels with Segment's customer profiles to transform customer interactions into personalized, data-informed experiences. These new products fill the missing piece for businesses looking to leverage data and AI to deliver consistent customer value across different touchpoints. This capability has the potential to transform every customer interaction for brands and empower businesses to enhance customer satisfaction, reduce handle time, and increase employee productivity," said Meera Vaidyanathan, VP of Product, Twilio Flex. 

Unified Profiles

Unified Profiles, powered by Segment, establishes an open and adaptable data layer that consolidates customer data from diverse sources into a centralized profile. This comprehensive view equips sales and support teams with vital insights, allowing them to tailor interactions based on predictive, historical, and real-time data. With the ability to access these insights instantaneously, teams can deliver personalized experiences seamlessly across various touchpoints.

Agent Copilot 

Agent Copilot leverages large language models (LLMs) and real-time data from Unified Profiles to automate and enhance agent productivity. Agent Copilot streamlines resolution times and automates post-call summaries by providing actionable insights and intelligent routing. As AI algorithms continuously evolve based on customer interactions, agents can focus on delivering exceptional service while staying informed and effective.

Benefits for customers and teams   

These innovations promise a host of benefits for both end customers and businesses:

For end customers, the objective is to elevate their experience by delivering quicker time to resolution through streamlined processes, ensuring prompt solutions to their inquiries. Leveraging insights from Unified Profiles enables contextualized interactions, facilitating tailored conversations catering to their needs and preferences.

Moreover, a commitment to seamless experiences ensures customers encounter hassle-free interactions, eliminating the need to repeat information and resulting in a more gratifying engagement overall.

For agents and businesses, the focus lies in enhancing productivity through minimized application switching and automated workflows, thereby enhancing efficiency across operations. By enabling personalized engagements, the aim is to nurture greater customer satisfaction, consequently bolstering loyalty and lifetime value.

Additionally, efforts directed at addressing operational inefficiencies, such as reducing repeat calls, contribute to enhanced service performance and overall operational efficacy, fostering a smoother and more rewarding experience for both agents and businesses alike.

Flexibility with Twilio Flex Mobile   

In addition to these innovations, Twilio introduces Flex Mobile, catering to the evolving needs of sales and relationship managers, as well as field agents. This iOS and Android app seamlessly integrates with existing Flex setups, enabling professionals to manage calls, messages, and transfers directly from their mobile devices. Flex Mobile bridges the gap between field and support teams, enhancing communication strategies with flexibility and ease of connectivity.

In other news, Twilio joins forces with Jack Henry to enable banks and credit unions to enhance communication and engagement with their customers through various digital channels.