UiPath Accelerates Automation with Advanced AI Capabilities

Enterprise automation software company UiPath has unveiled its latest advancements in AI-powered automation capabilities. These features, which leverage Generative AI and Specialized AI, allow customers to enhance their automation processes by facilitating quicker discovery, automation implementation, and seamless operation at scale.

A report by McKinsey highlights the significant impact of generative AI on automation potential, revealing that integrating existing technologies with generative AI has increased the proportion of hours that can be potentially automated from approximately 50% to a range of 60-70%.

Notably, UiPath now offers OpenAI and Azure OpenAI connectors, including support for GPT-4, which enables customers to extend automation further into their business operations. The OpenAI connector empowers users to leverage data for actionable insights, enhancing the value and impact of automation within organizations.

“AI technologies are at the core of the UiPath Business Automation Platform, and we are excited to extend the capabilities of our enterprise automation with new Generative AI and Specialized AI offerings. UiPath is uniquely able to combine our understanding of screens, documents, tasks, and processes with the intelligence of Generalized AI to watch work happen, understand what is being done, and automate it in our platform. Only when AI is combined with enterprise automation, to provide context and take appropriate action, will companies realize the complete value,” said Graham Sheldon, Chief Product Officer, UiPath.

UiPath's enhancements and offerings  

UiPath is progressing in Specialized AI and is actively enhancing its solutions like Document Understanding and Communications Mining by integrating GPT-based technologies. GPT plays a vital role in Communications Mining by generating label suggestions, thus expediting model training and enabling quicker deployment, resulting in faster time-to-value for users. In addition, in Document Understanding, GPT is being leveraged to enhance classification and pre-labeling capabilities.

Clipboard AI, UiPath's latest offering, is tailored for finance teams and is currently available for preview. Powered by UiPath AI Computer Vision and generative AI, Clipboard AI streamlines the process of transferring data between documents, spreadsheets, and applications. It intelligently comprehends the content and automatically inserts the relevant data in the appropriate locations. The preview version of Clipboard AI for finance teams aims to streamline invoicing operations across multiple finance platforms, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in managing financial processes.

UiPath is expanding its AI capabilities by introducing support for the Falcon Large Language Model (LLM) through its AWS SageMaker connector. Additionally, UiPath is offering a preview of the Google Vertex connector, which supports PaLM 2, another powerful language model.

The company's range of Specialized AI solutions comprises more than 70 models, allowing customers to effectively interpret screens, extract tasks, handle document processing, and leverage exclusive and proprietary datasets within their enterprise workflows. These solutions can be securely trained using a customer's data and fine-tuned to meet their specific requirements.