UserTesting and Contentsquare Join Forces to Optimize Digital Experiences

UserTesting and Contentsquare have teamed up to provide organizations with the ability to gain valuable customer experience insights. By combining the expertise of both companies, businesses can effectively analyze and optimize digital experiences on various platforms to better cater to their target audiences. By utilizing the integration, organizations can leverage customer preferences gathered from Contentsquare to launch UserTesting tests.

“By harnessing the combined strengths of Contentsquare and UserTesting, organizations can seamlessly connect their customers’ online behaviors with their underlying motivations. Our joint integration empowers businesses to test hypotheses and validate assumptions about their digital experiences—bridging the gap between customer behavior and intent. Together, we help more than 190 customers deliver exceptional user experiences,” said Rob Vandenberg, Global Vice President of Channels and Alliances at UserTesting.

Based on a recent Gartner study, 89% of boards acknowledge being in a postdigital era, where digital technology is integral to their company's growth strategies. Interestingly, an equal percentage of board directors no longer consider digital as a separate strategy but rather an inherent part of their overall approach. By utilizing this joint integration, organizations can validate assumptions and test hypotheses regarding customer interactions in the digital realm, improving their ability to meet customer needs throughout the entire digital journey.

“The combination of Contentsquare digital analytics and UserTesting insights equips brands with the intelligence they need to deliver the best possible customer journey from start to finish. With Contentsquare’s rich behavioral data and UserTesting’s video-based insights, teams get the full picture of the online experience and can prioritize the most impactful improvements. Great experiences breed strong customer relationships, giving brands the leg up they need to thrive in the digital world,” said Chris Formosa, Head of Global Technology Partnerships & Cloud Alliances at Contentsquare.

Providing valuable insights  

Organizations can assess the performance of different digital experience options and gain deeper insights into overall customer engagement. In addition, they can analyze the insights gathered from UserTesting alongside the experience data from Contentsquare. This combined analysis helps in troubleshooting issues and quantifying the number of customers who might be affected by those issues.

With Contentsquare, organizations can set experience thresholds and alerts. In case of anomalies in customer experience, they can quickly launch a UserTesting test to better understand the reasons behind those issues and promptly respond to them.

Moreover, organizations can also leverage Contentsquare Live Signals to detect when a user encounters a bug or error, as well as prompt the user to join a UserTesting test and provide feedback.

UserTesting has also recently announced a new integration with FigJam to allow joint customers to incorporate the voice of the customer into their organization easily.