Authenticx Launches a Solution to Help Healthcare Organizations Leverage Customer Call Data

Authenticx has unveiled its latest generative AI solution that amplifies the capabilities of healthcare organizations to leverage recorded customer conversations as a primary source of invaluable business intelligence.

"We're in the middle of a transformation in technology being driven by amazing tools like GenAI, but it's vital for organizations to stay grounded in practical business needs that new technology like this can serve. Authenticx helps organizations identify and solve issues and we have been intentional in how we've introduced GenAI to our platform to further enrich those capabilities," said Eric Prugh, Chief Product Officer of Authenticx.

Authenticx's inaugural GenAI platform is tailored for healthcare customer experience, meticulously developed by data scientists, healthcare professionals, and social scientists to universally address challenges faced by healthcare customers.

The GenAI capabilities of the platform go beyond conventional data analysis. It proactively divides conversations into key topics, offering insights across customer interactions. Teams can then harness GenAI to navigate through all data points, facilitating in-depth analysis and the formulation of strategic initiatives. The goal is to enhance the customer experience and directly influence an organization's Return on Investment (ROI).

Latest features  

Insights Summaries: Condensing significant insights from crucial reports derived from conversational data analysis using GenAI.

Conversation Summaries: Automatically generating concise summaries from lengthy conversations, providing context for easy comprehension among teams.

Generative Conversations: Identifying primary discussion topics across conversations automatically, allowing teams to proactively address emerging issues, comprehend concerns, or measure the impact of implemented changes.

Coaching Notes (Coming Soon): A forthcoming feature set to automate the delivery of personalized coaching notes, compiling recommendations based on agent performance during their conversations.

"It's essential for any type of AI adoption to start by identifying a real problem. One problem we commonly see is organizations don't realize where complex processes negatively impact the customer experience. The best way to understand these problems is to listen to conversations where barriers are encountered. With these expanded GenAI capabilities, organizations will proactively be able to understand roadblocks at scale and remedy the real frustrations healthcare customers and agents experience," said Amy Brown, Founder and CEO of Authenticx.

Last year, Authenticx released an autoscoring tool to automate data analysis and provide customer interaction scores using best-practice criteria for the healthcare industry.