How UserTesting and FigJam’s Integration Brings Customers’ Perspectives to the Forefront

UserTesting has announced a new integration with FigJam to allow joint customers to incorporate the voice of the customer into their organization easily. By embedding video-based human insights captured from UserTesting into collaborative whiteboards in FigJam, teams can gain a better understanding of customer needs and identify areas of both frustration and satisfaction. This can help teams brainstorm, ideate, and develop products and experiences that have been validated by the end-user.

“All product, design and research teams should experience the power of watching their customers first-hand navigate an experience, react to a prototype, and/or express their thoughts out loud–this is what sparks innovative ideas, or lends a new perspective during product ideation. Our joint customers will now be able to extend the voice of their customers into FigJam, and use empathy to drive a more effective product development process,” said Rob Vandenberg, Global Vice President of Channels and Alliances at UserTesting.

The integration allows teams to understand their customers better and make informed decisions while also being able to share test results, video clips, and highlight reels within FigJam, along with additional information such as video titles and descriptions. This, combined with FigJam's templates, enables teams to establish repeatable processes for collecting customer feedback consistently across projects and prioritizing activities based on customer needs, preferences, and behaviors.

UserTesting and Figma have worked together in the past, with more than 1,500 joint customers and hundreds of thousands of tests conducted to obtain early feedback on Figma prototypes and designs. With the new integration of FigJam, this feedback can be extended to a wider audience, creating a shared understanding of the customer experience and leading to better cross-team collaboration and informed decision-making throughout the organization.

“We’re excited to partner with UserTesting to enable FigJam users to easily access and collaborate on experience research and insights. The integration between UserTesting and FigJam allows users to share rich, video-based insights and work more efficiently with templated UserTesting workflows,” said Anna Kohnen, Head of Partnerships, Figma.

This integration is now available to joint customers of FigJam and UserTesting.

Elsewhere, UserTesting has recently announced Friction Detection along with new updates that include machine learning advancements.