New Juji Tool Helps Companies Automate Chatbot Building

AI company Juji has launched a new generative AI tool that enables organizations to quickly build a custom AI-powered chatbot without code or any additional IT resources.

The new release is an addition to Juji Studio, a no-code chatbot builder which combines cognitive AI with intuitive graphical user interface. The cognitive intelligence part of the process involves adding advanced human soft skills like active listening and reading between the lines to the chatbot, enabling high-touch engagements with customers.

"Unlike other generative AI platforms, which create static content like text and images, Juji can generate autonomous AI chatbots that are customized to a specific workflow and proprietary knowledge," said Dr. Huahai Yang, Co-founder and CTO of Juji.

Company after company is adding generative AI technology like GPT-3 (and now GPT-4) to teach chatbots how to interact better, but Yang says that Juji leverages computational psychology and implements those advanced human soft skills, leading to more empathetic behavior of the chatbot, especially when it comes to sensitive topics.

The key to positive outcomes in high-stakes decision-making is high-touch engagements. However, they are often difficult to scale. Juji's generative AI tool auto-generates custom AI chatbots to meet the demand of such engagements. Further, these generated chatbots can proactively engage with users in a two-way conversation, infer their personality traits in real-time, and guide them to make important high-stake decisions based on their unique personality (e.g., choosing a career).

While many organizations are eager to tackle the power of generative AI like ChatGPT, it's important to familiarize yourself thoroughly with the technology. In line with this, Dr. Michelle Zhou, Co-founder and CEO of Juji, says:

“Generative AI is very powerful. However, not every organization knows how to leverage the power. Not only does our new tool enable any organizations, with or without AI or IT expertise, to harness the power of generative AI in a unique way and safely, but it also enables organizations to automate high-value engagements with empathy. This is a significant advancement towards democratizing AI and bridging the AI divide." 

For more tech-savvy users, Juji also offers a chatbot scripting solution through which they can build a chatbot that takes on more complex business tasks like displaying data in an interactive chart. The solution also enables the plug-in of third-party AI (e.g., NLP) or pre-building custom chatbot elements for reuse.