UserTesting Merges with UserZoom to Offer Comprehensive Experience Research Solution

UserTesting and UserZoom have announced a merger, with the aim of creating a comprehensive solution for experience research under the UserTesting name. The new company will be led by the current CEO of UserTesting, Andy MacMillan, and a combined executive team, and will provide companies with continuous insights and direct feedback throughout the product development process, reducing guesswork and risk. The merger comes after the acquisition of both UserZoom and UserTesting by Thoma Bravo.

“Over the past 15 years, our two companies have shaped the world of UX research and design. By bringing together the two leaders in the space, we will be able to innovate faster, and bring more value to our customers–helping everyone in an organization better understand what it’s like to be a customer. Our customers will immediately benefit from the enhanced strengths and efficiencies that integrating these two platforms will provide–and we look forward to continuing to help them transform the way they connect with their customers and build digital products and experiences,” said Andy MacMillan, CEO, UserTesting.

After the merger, UserTesting will offer essential experience insights for professionals in UX research, product design, marketing, and other related fields, for businesses of all sizes.

The merger combines UserZoom's research capabilities, consultative services, proprietary QX Score benchmarking methodology, and experience insights hub with UserTesting's enterprise-level technology, contributor network, and AI-driven insights.

Through the merger, more companies will be able to gain quick feedback and validation, perform high-quality research, speed up the time to insights, and measure the performance of their experiences. With better access to these insights, organizations can make informed business decisions, and create experiences that meet the evolving needs of their customers, resulting in higher revenue, increased customer loyalty, and reduced costs and risks associated with launching new products and experiences.

In the upcoming months, customers of UserTesting and UserZoom will be able to access both platforms through a unified login experience. Over the next year, UserTesting plans to merge the technologies on a single platform, with focus on innovation by introducing new features, add-ons, and integrations.

At the beginning of the year, UserTesting announced product updates to its Human Insight Platform, which include easier user access to high-value content through workspaces, a new screener guidance feature, and machine learning enhancements.