Talkdesk Joins the Jack Henry Vendor Integration Program

Talkdesk has announced that it has become a part of the Jack Henry Vendor Integration Program (VIP). This partnership allows Talkdesk to use Jack Henry's technical resources to integrate its Financial Services Experience Cloud with the Credit Union Core platform Symitar. The purpose of the Vendor Integration Program is to streamline the deployment process for third-party products for Jack Henry's customers.

Talkdesk has integrated its Financial Services Experience Cloud with Symitar through SymXchange, a service-based interface. This integration allows third-party vendors and credit unions to access Symitar's core data and business rules securely. These interactions are governed by a service layer that ensures the integrity of the data is maintained during the data exchange.

The Financial Services Experience Cloud provides banks and credit unions with a comprehensive customer service platform to enhance their customers' experience. Having access to features such as integrated tools, pre-set financial service processes, multi-channel capabilities, and pre-trained AI agents allows financial institutions to provide a seamless experience through various channels, offer digital self-service options, and optimize their operations. WaFd, one of Talkdesk's customers, has been using the Financial Services Experience Cloud for banking to "wow" its customers.

The integration between Talkdesk and Symitar enables direct access to customer data within the Talkdesk platform, providing a comprehensive view of the customer for agents and digital self-service channels. This move enables Jack Henry's customers to easily create a seamless customer experience, from initial digital self-service interactions to personalized communication with a live agent.

“Through tight integration between contact center and core banking platforms, credit unions can realize significant value, orchestrating seamless, secure, and contextual experiences across their members’ preferred channels. “Our participation in the Jack Henry VIP program reflects the continued investment Talkdesk is making in the financial services industry,” said Venkat Iyer, global head of products and engineering, industries and integrations, Talkdesk.

The Jack Henry Vendor Integration Program eliminates the need for intermediaries, giving vendors direct access to Jack Henry's technical resources and testing systems. Still, being a part of the VIP program does not indicate endorsement of the vendor's product.

Meanwhile, last year in November, Talkdesk added two new low-code/no-code customization tools to the Talkdesk Builder suite - Talkdesk Automation Designer and Talkdesk Workspace Designer.