Ushur’s AI Studio Redefines the Future of Customer Engagement 

Ushur has unveiled AI Studio, a feature that aims to democratize AI-powered customer experience management by shifting the task of model training and management away from exclusive developer workflows, allowing individuals from various roles to engage in these functions.

“At Ushur, we recognize the complexities, and costs, of building and managing enterprise-class user experiences. AI Studio combines the rich visual interface of our process automation FlowBuilder with AI model management capabilities to deliver a truly democratizing experience for the citizen developer. Focusing specifically on training and deploying classification models in this release, we aim to deliver significant efficiencies in time to value and AI ops,” said Michael Fisher, Senior Vice President of Product at Ushur.

Now accessible to a wider audience, AI Studio marks a departure from conventional process automation platforms that primarily concentrate on automating routine manual tasks and tend to isolate AI capabilities as a separate entity.

Kashif Mahbub, Chief Marketing Officer at Ushur, highlighted that in the realm of modern AIOps, components like enterprise data cleaning, model lifecycle management, and streamlined model deployment often receive inadequate attention, even from prominent process automation platforms. With the introduction of AI Studio, Ushur has made AI model training, management, and implementation accessible to every business process owner, all to enhance the overall customer experience.

Over half of Ushur's customers are Fortune 500 firms, including Aflac, Unum, Irish Life, and Cigna. These companies are leveraging advanced AI solutions to address critical needs within the realms of global insurance, healthcare, and financial services.

Ushur has recently announced an expanded collaboration with AWS and the availability of its integration with Amazon Connect.