Cogito Bags a Military-Focused Financial Services Customer

Real-time coaching and guidance software vendor Cogito has closed a deal with a military-focused financial institution, accelerating the company's growth in the banking and financial services sector. The company has also recently expanded its presence in EMEA, successfully deploying its technology through an EU data center to support a global payments provider’s frontline teams.

The financial institution is the latest customer to leverage Cogito’s emotion and conversation AI technology in delivering customer experience. The list of brands working with Cogito includes 8 Fortune 25 companies across sectors such as financial services, telecommunications, and healthcare.

US Customer Experience Awards 2023

The institution selected Cogito to help prioritize employees after a serious burnout problem. The company went for Cogito because of its ability to offer an Employee Experience (EX) Score for every call, similar to the Customer Experience (CX) Score, as well as because of the capabilities of the company's Emotion and conversation AI system. The financial institution aims to leverage Cogito's capabilities and offerings to enhance employee well-being, drive emotional connections and boost in-call customer experience.

In 2007, Cogito received funding through The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to use Dr. Sandy Pentland's scientific research and develop an application with the aim of helping military veterans diagnose post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression. This technology aims to serve the community and help those living in rural communities who don't have access to Veterans Affairs (VA) Centers. Because the technology was proven successful in multiple systems and centers, it expanded to the frontline contact center workforce that Cogito serves today.

“As one of the largest financial institutions serving the military community, the addition of this client heightens our rich history of supporting veterans and active military personnel. Customer service representatives and supervisors have an extremely challenging job, navigating heightened emotions and difficult conversations. Our technology has always strived to help individuals—whether detecting behavioral signals with veterans experiencing PTSD or coaching individuals through the complexity of human connections. I look forward to welcoming brands into our portfolio that align with our origins, like our recent addition, and those brands which simply just believe in helping a group of people in need,” said Josh Feast, CEO and Co-Founder of Cogito.

More about Cogito

Founded in 2007, Cogito combines Emotion and Conversation AI into an innovative platform to enable real-time coaching and guidance to contact centers and frontline teams. The company gives supervisors visibility into live conversations from their teams working from anywhere and continuously monitors the customer and employee experiences.

Cogito has recently released a new solution that aims to improve the employee experience of frontline teams.