Verizon Appoints First-Ever Chief Customer Experience Officer

Verizon has appointed Brian Higgins as the company's inaugural Chief Customer Experience Officer, who will spearhead Verizon's initiative under the leadership of CEO Sowmyanarayan Sampath. The company is showing its commitment to customer experience by establishing a dedicated organization focused on delivering exceptional interactions for customers and employees.  

Brian Higgins has been selected for CX Scoops' 30 CX Executives You Should Follow list.

Joining him is Dory Butler, formerly of Walmart, who will serve as Senior Vice President of Customer Experience, overseeing the development of high-quality sales and service experiences throughout the consumer journey.

“Everything starts with the customer, and we have a big opportunity to connect with them in a way we’ve never done before. It begins and ends with the customer experience, which we are dedicated to improving, and the new Customer Experience organization is laser focused on just that. I have no doubt our customers will see meaningful benefits as a result,” said Sampath, CEO, Verizon Consumer.

Customer Experience Organization 

The newly formed Customer Experience Organization, led by Higgins, aims to transform how customers engage with Verizon and how employees serve them. Prioritizing areas such as AI, personalization, digital channels, and system functionality, the team is committed to delivering best-in-class experiences across all touchpoints. Their strategy revolves around streamlining processes and crafting tailored experiences that align with the unique needs of both customers and employees.

Higgins, a telecommunications veteran with a background in various roles at Verizon, will leverage his expertise gained as Senior Vice President of Device Marketing and Consumer Product. Dory Butler, a former Walmart executive and American Express veteran brings her wealth of experience in leading customer experience product management and overseeing global web experiences.

Leading the team alongside Higgins are Lance Koenders, Vice President of Experience Products, and Chris Paul, Vice President of Digital, Sales, and Experience. Koenders, previously in charge of mobile product management at Verizon, will focus on creating customer-focused products unique to Verizon. With a background in digital marketing roles at Verizon, Chris Paul will oversee Digital Channels and Consumer Experience, emphasizing enhancements to the customer's digital journey. Together, this leadership team is poised to drive transformative improvements in Verizon's customer experience landscape.

In other news, Verizon Business has added new digital engagement capabilities to the Verizon Virtual Contact Center (VCC) to boost the digital customer experience from any place and at any time