30 CX Executives You Should Follow

People's expectations are growing by the minute with the development of technology and modern lifestyles. The bar is high. Every day, companies are trying to find new ways of transforming the experiences they deliver, hoping to meet rising customer expectations.

That CX matters shows a Qualtrics study that says 94% of American customers would recommend a company whose experience they rate as "very good."

Indeed, many CX leaders are unwaveringly dedicated to introducing impactful changes and delivering unparalleled experiences that get to be recommended to a broader public.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of 30 corporate CX executives who have consistently excelled in keeping their customers satisfied by actively listening to their feedback, continuously learning, adapting, and enhancing their approaches, and ultimately driving innovation to meet customer demands.

We hope that you find inspiration in these leaders, learn from their achievements, and take encouragement to implement some of their strategies in your own organizations, fostering a more customer-centric business environment.

Allison Ausband

Allison holds the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Experience Officer at Delta Air Lines. In this capacity, she oversees the entire customer journey, including the Innovation and Customer Experience teams, along with the 60,000 team members in Delta's Airport Customer Service, In-Flight Service, and Reservations and Customer Care divisions. These teams work together to deliver exceptional experiences to Delta's customers.

Michelle Peluso

As Chief Customer Officer of CVS Health and Co-President of CVS Pharmacy, Michelle spearheads the teams in charge of driving the front-store retail business, revolutionizing the consumer experience across all touchpoints.

Michelle and her team's mission is to provide individuals with a personalized, connected, and effortless experience at every interaction, aiding them on their journey toward improved health.

Holly O'Neill

Holly is President of Retail Banking, one of Bank of America’s eight lines of business, and a member of the company’s executive management team. She is responsible for the growth of the Retail Banking business, which serves U.S. mass-market consumers.

Holly also serves as the Chief Client Care Officer, overseeing a team that provides financial solutions to nearly 68 million clients each year.

Mike Katz

Mike serves as the President of Marketing, Innovation & Experience (MIX) at T-Mobile, overseeing a diverse range of teams, including Marketing, Product, T-Ads, and Wholesale. Under his guidance, the teams work collaboratively to create and deliver exceptional products and experiences that distinguish them from their competitors.

As a strategic advisor to all lines of business, Mike plays a pivotal role in every aspect of the company, including maintaining T-Mobile's value and network leadership, ensuring its continued success.

Kevin Warren

Kevin serves as UPS's EVP and Chief Marketing & Customer Experience Officer. With his extensive expertise in data-centric business strategies and non-traditional engagement channels, Kevin is driving change within UPS, establishing new benchmarks for digitally enabled customer experience.

As the e-commerce business era takes shape, Kevin plays a pivotal role in driving UPS's strategy to ensure it stays on the path toward a successful future.

Tracey D. Brown

Tracey is the EVP, President of Walgreens Retail, and Chief Customer Officer. In this capacity, she plays a crucial role in driving the transformation of Walgreens from a conventional retailer to a healthcare-focused company, with the overarching goal of enhancing people's well-being and fostering more joyful lives through better health.

In line with Walgreens' mission to further accelerate its digital transformation, Tracey is instrumental in creating a seamless and unified experience across all channels – be it in-store, mobile, or online.

Manu Steijaert

Leading an integrated organization at McDonald's, Manu holds the position of Chief Customer Officer, where he spearheads the redefinition of the customer experience across the company's vast network of 39,000 restaurants spread across over 100 markets.

Under his customer-centric and innovation-driven leadership, Manu's team unites various key functions to leverage McDonald's iconic brand to revolutionize how the company interacts in the digital landscape.

Peggy Roe

Peggy is the first Chief Customer Officer (CCO) in Marriott International's history. Consumers have remained at the core of her work throughout her illustrious career, with her expertise spanning various continents and industries.

As the current Global Officer, Peggy's role encompasses an impressive portfolio, overseeing 8,300+ properties, spanning 138 countries and territories, and managing multiple iconic brands.

Donald Chesnut

Donald is a seasoned leader in Customer Experience and Design, having worked in the digital industry since its inception as "new media." His expertise spans journey-based transformation, mobile platforms, contact centers, Voice of the Customer platforms, and the seamless integration of physical and digital experiences.

Currently serving as the Chief Experience Officer at General Motors, Donald is responsible for the evolution of four brand mobile apps and websites, customer care and contact center transformation and activating change management with a company-wide focus on NPS, among other things.

Renee Horne

Renee is the Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer for Chase Auto at JPMorgan Chase & Co. She is a highly accomplished Digital Banking Executive and P&L Leader, boasting a comprehensive background in various domains such as digital, marketing, finance, product management, and communications.

Her area of expertise lies in creating beautiful customer experiences both on and off digital platforms while driving profitability.

Melissa Arnoldi

Melissa is a distinguished tech executive recognized for pioneering products, boosting tech infrastructure, and driving profits. A NASDAQ Board Director, she's currently EVP of Customer Operations at AT&T, leading transformative efforts. Committed to gender equality, she sponsors AT&T's Women's Leadership Programs.

Her industry contributions earned awards, including Forbes CEO Next: 2022 List. Melissa's passion for innovation and inclusivity cements her as a respected figure in tech and leadership.

Pamela Stewart

Pamela Stewart, a purpose-driven executive with 20+ years at Coca-Cola, is known for transformative, people-centric leadership. Besides driving success as Chief Customer Officer for Retail, she is active in nonprofits and is part of Utz's board of directors.

Pamela's leadership and personal branding expertise are showcased in the book entitled "9 Steps to Build Your Brand, Establish Your Legacy, and Thrive."

Brie Carere

With over two decades of experience at FedEx, Brie has held various roles in both the U.S. and Canada. She currently holds the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer for FedEx Corporation while also providing strategic and technological support to FedEx's operating companies.

Brie is entrusted with ensuring that every FedEx experience is exceptional. To achieve this, she leads a remarkable team comprising experts in marketing, communications, customer experience, and revenue management.

Brian Higgins

Brian has recently been promoted to the Chief Customer Experience Officer at Verizon. With over 20 years in telecom, Brian prioritizes innovative multi-partner solutions for consumers and businesses. He's led in areas like Verizon’s Innovation Center, spectrum planning, and nationwide wireless infrastructure, with his expertise being instrumental in Verizon's success and tech progress.

John Boerstler

Currently serving as the Chief Experience Officer (CXO) for the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), John takes immense pride in ensuring the 9 million customers and their families receive a world-class experience when accessing their benefits and healthcare.

Prior to his role at VA, John founded and launched Combined Arms, a disruptive technology company and backbone organization that addresses the social determinants of health (SDOH) for underserved populations.

Shiv Menon

An accomplished senior executive with a wealth of international experience, Shiv is currently holding the positions of Vice President and Chief Customer Care Officer at Chewy. Over the course of nearly 25 years, Shiv has built a successful career with expertise in strategic planning, operations, and project management across diverse industries such as retail, banking, software & consulting, and printing & publishing.

Stacey Wagner

In his executive capacity, Stacey is responsible for overseeing crucial areas, including supply chain and fulfillment, Zappos' renowned customer loyalty team (CLT), corporate safety and campus operations, as well as inventory management and portfolio.

Prior to his current role as the Chief Experience Officer and VP at Zappos, Stacey held the position of General Manager of Operations, a role he shared with his former position at Amazon. Stacey's favorite Zappos Core Value is to "embrace and drive change," and he continuously encourages his team to challenge conventional boundaries and think innovatively.

Elena Ford

As a Chief Customer Experience Officer, Elena holds a pivotal role in Ford Motor Company. Her primary responsibility is to ensure the creation of a world-class customer experience throughout the entire ownership cycle. This entails integrating the efforts of Ford Customer Service Division, the Quality organization, Sales and Marketing, and the global dealer network.

Her expertise lies in spearheading the transformation of offline and online interactions between Ford, dealers, and customers, creating connected experiences that truly cater to human needs and surpass expectations.

Jim Coyne

Over the past 34 years at Nestlé, Jim has held 14 sales, marketing, and general management roles across the U.S. Since being promoted to Chief Customer Officer in 2018, Jim has been responsible for growing brand categories as well as tackling business challenges.

Jim also plays a vital role in the company's achievements and consistently advocates for Nestlé's brands and products.

Oded Leiba

Oded possesses more than 20 years of international experience in roles of increasing responsibility across the online digital marketing personalization and optimization, finance, and digital document management industries. He has demonstrated a record of successful operations building, revenue growth, and outstanding customer service delivery. Oded currently serves as Chief Customer Officer SessionM & Dynamic Yield at Mastercard Data & Services.

Ricky Corker

Ricky leads Nokia's Customer Experience team, which is focused on ensuring the success of their global service providers and enterprise customers. His team works with customers to help them realize their visions and ambitions and create real value with Nokia’s leading-edge technology and solutions.

Eager to know how to prioritize customers? Ricky and the team do so by collaborating with them to understand their business and provide the best technology solutions to achieve their goals.

Chris Rupp

Chris holds the position of Chief Customer Officer at Victoria's Secret & Co., where her primary responsibility lies in ensuring a seamless store and digital commerce business on a global scale. She oversees both channels' sales and profitability, driving growth and success.

Chris has also held notable roles at Microsoft and Amazon, where she played a crucial role in leading Fulfillment by Amazon and successfully launched Amazon Prime Day, leaving a lasting impact on both companies.

Cara Keating

Cara is an experienced PepsiCo professional with an 18-year tenure, currently holding the role of Chief Customer Officer for Frito Lay North America. Recently, Cara served as President of PFC, a significant role she held for three years. During her tenure, she skillfully navigated the organization through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, alongside implementing several transformational changes.

Consumers have remained at the core of her work throughout her illustrious career, with her expertise spanning various continents and industries.

Terry S. Thomas

Meet Terry Thomas, an accomplished Global Chief Customer Officer with a proven track record in the consumer goods industry on a global scale. Terry's expertise lies in areas such as Customer Insight, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Consumer Products, Sales, and Trade Marketing. Before joining Unilever, he previously held a number of positions at PepsiCo. With a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Terry is a skilled and strategic business development professional.

Linda Jojo

Linda is an Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer at United Airlines. Her responsibilities encompass overseeing digital technology, contact centers, customer solutions, and innovation, all aimed at enhancing the customer experience.

Prior to her current role, Linda served as United's Executive Vice President of Technology and Chief Digital Officer. In this capacity, she took the helm of crucial areas such as information technology, data analytics, digital products, e-commerce, cyber security, and the airline's digital strategy.

Colt Whittall

Colt holds the role of Chief Experience Officer (CXO) within the United States Air Force, a pioneering position within the Department of Defense and a select few in the Federal Government. Colt has successfully launched Digital Experience Monitoring to track User Experience across the entire Air Force.

He is leading efforts to improve the User Experience of enterprise IT through the ROLE-IT program and identifying cost-saving opportunities to reinvest in UX improvement through Operation Flamethrower.

Kim Waldmann

Kim has recently been promoted to the Global Chief Customer Officer at Foot Locker, leading all marketing, digital, e-commerce, and customer functions.

Kim previously served as Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at Athleta and VP of eCommerce at Sephora. She has a track record as General Manager in multiple businesses leading large P&Ls, managing growth, and building high-performing teams.

Amy Shore

Amy serves as the Chief Customer Officer and EVP at Nationwide, where she is responsible for the design and execution of the enterprise customer strategy in order to accelerate improvements to the customer experience.

She spent most of her career in leadership positions focused on protecting families and businesses in insurance and financial services. Her expertise includes developing effective teams, fostering collaboration across functional and business unit lines and product management.

Karen Vaughn

Karen is a dynamic leader responsible for overseeing Customer Service and Sales Operations and Experience for Nike's largest market, North America. Her strategic vision and deep understanding of the market have contributed to Nike's continued growth and success in the region.

Under Karen's leadership, the Customer Service and Sales Operations and Experience division aims to provide unparalleled support to customers while maintaining the brand's position as a market leader.

Allison Peterson

Allison holds the position of Chief Customer Officer at Best Buy, where she assumes responsibility for the comprehensive customer-oriented strategy of the company. In her role, Allison oversees strategic planning and corporate development and manages membership offerings such as the My Best Buy loyalty program and Total Tech Support.

With a wealth of expertise in omnichannel retail, she has previously held the positions of Chief Marketing Officer and President of E-commerce within the company.